WP Mobile Menu Review: Create a Better WordPress Mobile Menu

Mobile web page online visitors accounts for around half of the entire online page material web page online visitors on the Net (perhaps extra for your niche), which is why reasonably distinguished every wordpress theme advertises itself as responsive this day.

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But here’s the item – “responsive” capable skill that your online page material will adapt to utterly different units, it doesn’t routinely mean that your mobile guests will have a gargantuan abilities, which is what you if truth be told would prefer to care about.

WP Mobile Menu is a freemium plugin that helps you guarantee a closer mobile abilities by helping you add a extra particular person-apt and helpful navigation menu to the mobile version of your wordpress web page online – no topic which theme you’re utilizing.

In our WP Mobile Menu evaluate, we’ll reveal you precisely what it can attain for you, as neatly as how it works on a dwell wordpress web page online.

WP Mobile Menu Review: The Characteristic Checklist

AMPle, as you learned above, the core merit of WP Mobile Menu is that it helps you add a extra particular person-apt and helpful mobile menu to any wordpress theme.

But how does it in actuality attain that? Let’s traipse by the capabilities…

First off, it’s in actuality no longer capable restricted to mobile guests. You’ll likely be in a local to space your have custom breakpoints to space off the mobile menu, which lets you exercise the same menu for desktop guests as neatly, while that you can love.

Beyond that, it’s likely you’ll put both header and footer menus. And likewise it’s likely you’ll additionally additionally put multiple menus, with alternatives for both correct and left menus.

You’ll likely be in a local to capture from a few utterly different menu kinds, along with:

  • Overlay
  • Slideout push express material
  • Slideout over express material
  • Slideout from top

To definitely add express material to your menus, it’s likely you’ll employ the phenomenal wordpress menu functionality, which lets you exercise the same familiar interface and retain things fixed (or, it’s likely you’ll additionally additionally employ a obvious space of menu hyperlinks for your mobile menu, pointless to speak).

Beyond letting you consist of phenomenal menu hyperlinks, WP Mobile Menu also provides some devoted functionality for:

  • Ajax dwell search – users can enter their quiz and in an instant perceive the search results – no web page reload required. The mobile UX is also gargantuan.
  • Particular person Profile – consist of an particular particular person’s profile and avatar as phase of your menu. Here is a extremely gargantuan option for any invent of membership web page online or community.
  • Logo – easily add your logo as phase of a menu.
  • WooCommerce – a accurate WooCommerce integration helps you consist of users’ procuring carts, as neatly as procuring filters. You’ll likely be in a local to also add a sticky cart with the footer menu.

Beyond that core functionality, you also capable in general gather many of customization alternatives. You’ll have paunchy adjust over:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Icons
  • Functionality
  • …distinguished extra

What Can You Use WP Mobile Menu For?

First off, WP Mobile Menu can wait on any wordpress web page online. The basic functionality – constructing a closer mobile menu – is helpful for any invent of wordpress web page online in this increasingly extra extra mobile-first world. So it’s no longer love the employ cases below are the handiest eventualities where it’s likely you’ll profit.

On the other hand, I disclose there are a few sites where WP Mobile Menu is extra factual, and I’ll uncover you why:

  • WooCommerce stores – WP Mobile Menu’s WooCommerce integration helps you put a distinguished extra particular person-apt procuring abilities by making it more uncomplicated for possibilities to gather entry to their carts and product filters.
  • Membership sites/on-line applications – since it’s likely you’ll put menus which are restricted to logged-in users, it’s likely you’ll put devoted menus to wait to your logged-in members navigate. Moreover, the Particular person Profile feature lets you add their avatar/profile to the menu (you’ll perceive this in motion).
  • Social networks/forums – the steady same conception as membership sites!

Hands-on With WP Mobile Menu

Now that what this plugin can attain, let’s inch hands-on and I’ll reveal you the map it works.

To look at it, I capable picked a random favorite theme from wordpress.org – ColorMag. Here’s what the default mobile menu appears love – it’s a easy hamburger icon that expands a fall-down menu checklist:

Default menu

Now, I’ll install WP Mobile Menu, employ it to put a custom menu abilities, and reveal you the map all the pieces works.

WP Mobile Menu Starts Working Excellent Away

As almost right away as I activated WP Mobile Menu and assigned a menu to the WP Mobile Menu establish, I already had a brand unique menu abilities for mobile guests, which I disclose is an enchancment over ColorMag’s default responsive menu.

You gather a hamburger menu on the left, and a search icon on the ideally edifying. The menu is also distinguished extra compact, which lets guests perceive extra of your express material at as soon as:

New menu

The hamburger menu opens a paunchy-top race-out love this:

WP Mobile Menu review example

And the search icon opens up an unswerving Ajax dwell search abilities that routinely suggests express material as guests enter queries in the search box:

WP Mobile Menu ajax search

Again – these photos above are the defaults. Now, let’s have a look on the many alternatives you gather for customizing how your mobile menus work…

Long-established Alternate ideas Tab

The Long-established Alternate ideas tab does what it says – it lets you configure long-established settings for the skill your mobile menus work.

On the tip, it’s likely you’ll space your custom breakpoints and capture which menus to employ. Again, you gather three utterly different menu alternatives:

  • Left menu (header)
  • Excellent menu (header)
  • Footer menu
General options

You’ll likely be in a local to also configure classic settings for what invent of menu to employ. To illustrate, the default overlay vs one in all the slideout kinds. And likewise you’ll also gather some settings for controlling how submenus work:

Menu types

Header Tab

The Header tab lets you configure the basic settings for your mobile header – no longer the actual particular person menus.

First, you gather a helpful solution to employ lumber-and-fall to arrange your header formula. You’ll likely be in a local to also hide formula that you don’t would prefer to employ and capture whether to employ:

  • Sticky header
  • Clear header (naked)
WP Mobile Menu Review: Create a Better WordPress Mobile Menu 1

You in general gather many of alternatives here, with a bevy of settings to manipulate your header’s:

  • Logo
  • Alignment
  • Icons
  • Search
  • And diverse others.

Footer Tab

Must you enabled the footer menu, the Footer tab lets you configure how it works, along with whether to routinely hide the footer menu when an particular particular person scrolls up:

WP Mobile Menu Review: Create a Better WordPress Mobile Menu 2

Here’s an instance of what the footer menu could also look love:

WP Mobile Menu Review: Create a Better WordPress Mobile Menu 3

Left Menu and Excellent Menu Tabs

The Left Menu and Excellent Menu tabs desire the same sets of alternatives, capable for his or her respective establish.

On the tip, it’s likely you’ll employ lumber-and-fall and visibility controls to manipulate what express material appears:

  • Left Menu – here’s the express material from an steady wordpress menu (Appearance → Menus).
  • Particular person Profile – here’s a though-provoking devoted feature that displays an particular particular person’s profile.
  • Logo – it’s likely you’ll consist of your web page online’s logo.
  • Search – it’s likely you’ll additionally additionally add search to a menu.
WP Mobile Menu Review: Create a Better WordPress Mobile Menu 4

To illustrate, at the same time as you added the Particular person Profile above the Left Menu, here’s what your menu could also look love. Witness how you gather that fine particular person profile gather? Here is gargantuan for membership sites or stores:

User profile feature

You also gather the answer to handiest reveal a menu for logged-in users, which is every other gargantuan feature for membership sites or eCommerce stores. To illustrate, it’s likely you’ll additionally put a accurate menu for your entire membership web page online express material that handiest registered members can perceive.

Beyond these huge settings, you also gather a complete lot alternatives to manipulate:

  • Icons
  • The background image/color for your menu
  • Sizing/spacing

And all all over again, the alternatives are the same for the Excellent Menu establish.

WooCommerce Tab

Must you’re running a WooCommerce store, the WooCommerce tab offers you some if truth be told fine alternatives for constructing menus dedicated to WooCommerce. Consequently of virtually half of eCommerce happens on mobile units, here’s a extremely gargantuan skill to enhance the mobile procuring abilities at your store.

First off, it’s likely you’ll add an expandable procuring cart icon. When clicked, it opens an overlay of the actual person’s cart (no web page reload required). Beyond that, it’s likely you’ll additionally additionally add the cart complete to the footer, which is every other fine feature:

WooCommerce cart integration

You’ll likely be in a local to also add product filters that will handiest appear to your shop and archive pages. And likewise you gather fine capabilities love the flexibility to routinely open the procuring cart panel after a client provides a product to their cart and restrict the header search to capable WooCommerce merchandise:

WP Mobile Menu Review: Create a Better WordPress Mobile Menu 5

Colors and Fonts Tabs

Ultimately, as the names point out, the Colors and Fonts tabs come up with paunchy adjust over the colors and fonts for your entire varied menu alternatives.

The settings listed below are moderately detailed – I if truth be told attain mean “all”:

WP Mobile Menu Review: Create a Better WordPress Mobile Menu 6

WP Mobile Menu Pricing: How A lot Will It Price?

WP Mobile Menu has a classic free version available at wordpress.org.

After that, there are two essential plans, searching on whether or no longer you want the WooCommerce functionality:

  • Professional – $4.99 per thirty days – the entire premium capabilities other than WooCommerce.
  • Enterprise – $7.99 per thirty days – the entire Professional capabilities plus WooCommerce beef up.

There’s also a $29.99 per thirty days Challenge conception that will get you a non-public Slack channel and a private success manager.

Moreover, the entire plans provide a 14-day money-help guarantee.

Final Tips on WP Mobile Menu

WP Mobile Menu delivers on its promise of constructing a critically better mobile menu interface.

The true fact that it works with any theme skill you’ll be in a local to produce an improved mobile abilities no topic what your theme is.

And overall, I was capable in general impressed by the depth of the functionality that WP Mobile Menu affords.

Throughout the many customization alternatives, you’ll be in a local to manipulate precisely how your menu(s) look and feature.

Ultimately, the addition of unique functionality for Ajax dwell search, particular person profiles, WooCommerce, and extra offers you alternatives that virtually all themes capable easy don’t provide.

So no topic what theme you’re utilizing, I disclose you’ll want to look at out WP Mobile Menu, especially at the same time as you gather a excessive percentage of mobile guests (it’s likely you’ll employ google Analytics to have a look at this):

Safe WP Mobile Menu