WordCamp CAOPrepare Proposal for 2020 Event in Managua

In the working proposal, a document that was forked from the Nordic and Asian WordCAMP proposals, organizers outlined why the timing is right for a regional cAMP in Central America:

The local wordpress communities have also experienced an exponential growth. In the last five years the local wordpress Meetup groups have increased fivefold. Moreover, the collaboration between the Central American communities is more active than ever; sharing experiences and resources, members attending events in neighboring countries, giving talks and volunteering in WordCAMPs.

This can be explained not only by the relative closeness of our countries, but also by the shared culture, values and identity of the Central American people.

We believe that hosting a Central American WordCAMP will further strengthen the bonds between the local communities and give birth to new initiatives and collaborations between the local wordpress Meetup groups.