WooCommerce Lottery Review: Create Paid Lotteries on WordPress

Each person loves the lottery – that’s why it brings in billions of dollars, and as well you’ll look lottery tickets being sold in each place from Vietnam to the US.

WooCommerce Lottery Review: Create Paid Lotteries on WordPress 1

WooCommerce Lottery brings that same fun to your WooCommerce retailer, letting you promote lottery tickets in trade for giving folks a gamble to bewitch physical or digital products.

In my WooCommerce Lottery evaluation, I’ll lumber palms-on with this plugin and show conceal you precisely what it goes to fabricate and the device in which it in actuality works.

Feeling fortunate? Let’s dig in…

WooCommerce Lottery: What the Plugin Does

Sufficient, so at a fundamental stage, WooCommerce Lottery adds a brand unique Lottery product sort to WooCommerce that you simply’re going to utilize to promote tickets for a lottery drawing. Here’s an instance:

WooCommerce Lottery review example

For every lottery, you are going to:

  • Elevate how many winners there are. That it is most likely you’ll additionally choose for a single winner, or allow more than one winners.
  • Arrive to a likelihood whether or no longer a single particular person can bewitch more than one instances (within the event that they buy more than one tickets), or if an individual can easiest bewitch once. Keep in mind that, this easiest applies at the same time as you happen to permit more than one winners within the predominant field.
  • Put a minimum desire of tickets for a lottery to be legit, moreover as a maximum.
  • Automatically refund folks if the minimum desire of phrase purchases wasn’t met, or routinely cease the lottery if the utmost was met. The refund functionality easiest works at price gateways that enhance this characteristic. Both paypal and Stripe fabricate enhance it.
  • Put a maximum desire of tickets that every individual particular person can design shut.
  • Put a starting up and cease time for the lottery.

As with fashioned WooCommerce products, you’ll salvage some widgets to abet you discover your lotteries, with widgets for:

  • Ending soon
  • Starting up soon
  • Latest/latest
  • Featured
  • No longer too long within the past viewed
  • “My lotteries” – e.g. lotteries the person particular person is participating in.
  • Random lotteries

That it is most likely you’ll additionally additionally utilize shortcodes so to add a My Lotteries page, the effect logged-in pals can scrutinize all of the lotteries that they’re participating in.

Previous that, you salvage lots of notification emails for every admins and prospects to withhold folks up-to-date with what’s going down within the lottery.

By hook or by crook, with a top rate extension, you are going to additionally let folks buy their very accept as true with lottery numbers, solution questions and fabricate handbook design the utilize of a third party random amount generator.

Wanna look it in action? Let’s buy this WooCommerce Lottery evaluation palms-on…

Arms-on With WooCommerce Lottery

I’ve installed WooCommerce Lottery on my take a look at WooCommerce situation, so let’s strive it out…

Configuring the Fashioned Settings

After activating WooCommerce Lottery, you’ll salvage a brand unique Lottery tab within the fashioned WooCommerce settings intention (WooCommerce → Settings).

Here, you are going to configure some fundamental settings for how your lotteries characteristic, esteem whether or no longer or no longer to combine for your lotteries with any fashioned WooCommerce products it’s good to presumably be promoting.

In case you’d esteem, you are going to additionally invent a dedicated archive page for just correct your lotteries:

WooCommerce lottery settings

You’ll additionally receive some unique alternate choices in other areas of the WooCommerce settings. As an illustration, at the same time as you happen to lumber to the Emails tab, you’ll be in a intention to configure dedicated emails for lottery:

  • Wins
  • Fails
  • Finishes
  • Losses (No Just correct fortune)


For other settings – esteem the rate gateways/processors for when folks buy tickets – you’ll count on the fashioned WooCommerce settings.

Increasing a Recent Lottery

To invent a brand unique lottery, you’ll invent a brand unique WooCommerce product equivalent to you on the general would (Merchandise → Add Recent).

You’ll enter the general customary critical sides for the title, description, and many others. That is, you’ll enter recordsdata about the product that the lottery is for:

Add product details

Only now, within the Product recordsdata field, you’ll salvage a brand unique product sort – Lottery. In case you utilize this product sort, you’ll be in a intention to configure how the lottery works:

  • Minimal and maximum desire of tickets
  • Most tickets that every individual particular person can design shut (if more than one, you are going to additionally buy whether or no longer a single particular person can bewitch more than one instances)
  • What number of folks can bewitch
  • The price of a phrase
  • The lottery starting up and cease date

Lottery product type

And at the same time as you happen to Submit the product, you’ll accept as true with a working lottery. Supreme straightforward, exact?

WooCommerce Lottery review example

Exploring the WooCommerce Lottery Widgets

As I mentioned early, WooCommerce Lottery supplies you a bunch of widgets to abet customers navigate and give you a gamble to characteristic your lotteries:


As an illustration, right here’s what the Latest Lotteries widget looks esteem:

example widget

Exploring the WooCommerce Lottery Shortcodes

In addition to the widgets, WooCommerce Lottery additionally supplies you a desire of shortcodes that you simply’re going to utilize so to add lottery-convey content to your situation. You salvage shortcodes to discover:

  • Lottery winners
  • Featured lotteries
  • Ending soon lotteries
  • Latest lotteries
  • Future lotteries
  • Converse lotteries (by Product ID)
  • A logged-in particular person’s lotteries – this permits you to invent a “My Lotteries” page or something identical
  • Previous/ended lotteries

I’ll show conceal you an instance of the “My Lotteries” page in a 2d.

How the Lottery Course of Works for Participants

Now that you simply realize what alternate choices you’ve got gotten, let me show conceal you an instance of how the lottery experience will work for a customer at your situation.

When an individual views a lottery, they can buy how many tickets to design shut (if allowed to design shut multiples) and click on the Bewitch half now button so to add the lottery to their procuring cart, so as to talk.

WooCommerce Lottery review example

From there, they’ll take a look at up on the utilize of the customary WooCommerce checkout plot:

shopping cart

And when they fabricate the checkout process, they’ll be in a intention to peer their energetic lotteries from the page the effect you added the shortcode:

shortcode output

If they bewitch a lottery, they’ll additionally be in a intention to peer that at this page at the same time as you happen so to add the connected shortcode.

The lottery page will additionally replace to show conceal the desire of tickets sold and the progress towards reaching the max desire of people:


Managing Lottery Participants

Because customers need to register to buy half within the lottery, every particular person could accept as true with a wordpress legend the effect you are going to scrutinize customer critical sides.

Previous that, you’ll additionally salvage a brand unique Lottery meta field at the same time as you happen to edit individual lottery products that lets you look a log of the general people and actions for that lottery:

meta box

If a lottery is unsuccessful (e.g. you didn’t promote AMPle tickets to reach the minimum), you’ll additionally be in a intention to refund tickets from this field.

A Gaze at Accomplished Lotteries

When a lottery finishes, WooCommerce Lottery will routinely utilize a winner. Previous that, this will replace the lottery page to checklist the winner, and express every logged-in particular person whether or no longer or no longer they won.

Here’s an instance of losing:


And right here’s what it looks esteem when somebody wins:


Winners will additionally uncover an electronic mail (that you simply’re going to customize – I showed you that earlier). And as an admin, you’ll be in a intention to peer all that recordsdata at the same time as you happen to edit a product:

WooCommerce Lottery Review: Create Paid Lotteries on WordPress 2

All in all, the entire thing worked stunning dang with out problems in my trying out.

WooCommerce Lottery Pricing: How Will This Value You?

WooCommerce Lottery is accessible at CodeCanyon, the effect this will designate you $23 with customary Envato licensing. That is:

  • Lifetime updates
  • 6 months of enhance and updates. Or, you are going to pay one more $6.75 to elongate enhance to 12 months

At CodeCanyon, WooCommerce Lotteries has been purchased over 1,000 instances and has a 4.44-superstar rating out of 5.

Closing Suggestions on WooCommerce Lottery

Overall, WooCommerce Lottery delivered on precisely what it promised. It made it huge straightforward so to add lottery functionality to WooCommerce, and the general aspects it marketed worked precisely as I’d demand in my trying out.

So at the same time as you happen to’re looking to traipse lotteries as all or allotment of your situation, no doubt give WooCommerce Lottery a survey.

Safe WooCommerce Lottery