What is Static WordPress Hosting? Pros/Cons and How to Get Started

Heard of this roar known as “static wordpress net hosting”? Wondering whether or no longer going static is appropriate on your net net site?

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Whether or no longer you might perhaps perhaps perhaps additionally haven’t any thought what static wordpress net hosting is otherwise you already know the basics, this publish might perhaps perhaps well aid bear within the necessary parts, to boot to can enable you work out whether or no longer or no longer static net hosting is appropriate on your net net site, and the approach you might perhaps perhaps perhaps additionally receive started.

Let’s dive in…

What is Static wordpress Hosting? Outlined in More Detail

Let’s commence the origin (with a giant simplified version of how wordpress works)

How Your wordpress Instruct Works

wordpress is written in PHP. When someone visits your server, your net server executes that PHP and queries your net net site’s database to dynamically place together the HTML allege to bring to the visitor’s browser.

That dynamic nature is gracious because it way, let’s deliver, that your WooCommerce net net site’s server can bring a cart net page that contains the exact objects a particular person added to their cart.

However, that process also can be helpful resource intensive because your server desires to dynamically “impression” the allege and request your database for each focus on with.

wordpress net page caching is a most standard performance trick that “caches” the static HTML (the tip outcomes of the dynamic process). However, even with a caching plugin, your wordpress net net site is silent compatible there within the aid of the cached version of the file.

Right here’s The build Static wordpress Hosting Comes In…

Static wordpress net hosting takes things one step additional by completely eradicating the wordpress backend.

Surely, you’ll add your allege and impression your net net site utilizing wordpress. Then, whenever you’ve performed, you’ll generate a 100% static version of your net net site and deploy it. No extra PHP. No extra database. This image from Strattic does a factual job of exhibiting the disagreement between frequent net hosting and the static approach:

static vs regular hosting

The approach most static wordpress hosts attain it is that your exact wordpress net net site lives in a separate container that’s no longer accessible to the public.

You exercise that wordpress install so as to add allege and address your net net site. As soon as you’re performed making adjustments, your host will generate the static HTML files and deploy these HTML files to the front-stop ambiance that your net net site’s company will abilities.

So many of the static wordpress hosts that you just’ll uncover are in actual fact two things:

  1. A static net net site generator (right here’s what turns your wordpress net net site into static HTML)
  2. A bunch (right here’s what in actual fact serves these HTML files as much as company)

Mavens and Cons of Static wordpress Hosting

While there are some generous benefits to static wordpress net hosting, it’s for lunge no longer the true approach for heaps of (perhaps most) wordpress sites as there are also some generous cons.

Let’s commence with the factual stuff, first, though!

Mavens of Static wordpress Hosting

The 2 generous benefits of static wordpress net hosting vs worn wordpress net hosting are:

  • Security – because your net net site is static, there are no vulnerabilities for folks to profit from in your net net site itself. This makes it about as exact as doubtless.
  • Efficiency – your net net site goes to load lightning swiftly because there’s no extra server-aspect processing or database queries.

Past that, because a static net net site eliminates grand of the weight in your server, you might perhaps perhaps perhaps additionally keep a ton of cash. Even with compatible a $5 per thirty days DigitalOcean droplet, you’ll be ready to aid billions of requests per thirty days.

In the end, many wordpress plugins work compatible generous with static wordpress. As an instance, you’ll silent be ready to exercise your licensed net page builder to procure your pages (so long as you’re no longer utilizing Elementor Legitimate’s dynamic allege performance, that is).

Cons of Static wordpress Hosting

The largest con of static wordpress net hosting is within the title – it’s static! One in every of the explanations wordpress is so standard is thanks to how straight forward it makes it to procure dynamic allege.

If you race static, that goes away. And that’s a generous deal for barely a few sites! As quickly as you race static, all of this stuff will stop working:

  • Native feedback
  • Contact make plugins
  • WooCommerce
  • bbPress or BuddyPress
  • Instruct search
  • Etc.

Now, there are for lunge methods around this. As an instance, you might perhaps perhaps perhaps additionally exercise:

  • Typeform, Wufoo, or Formspree for forms
  • Disqus for feedback
  • google net net site gaze for search

However the elemental thought is that many of the plugins and aspects you treasure will both stop working completely, or require a workaround so that you just can prefer utilizing them.

Moreover, there’s also a little bit of added bother in that you just’ll must re-deploy your net net site everytime you add or edit allege, in location of compatible clicking the Put up button akin to you attain on a frequent wordpress net net site.

Who Might perchance also merely silent Spend Static wordpress Hosting?

Static wordpress net hosting is a colossal possibility if your net net site doesn’t trade plenty and doesn’t depend upon dynamic allege.

As an instance, whenever you compatible like an easy brochure net net net site that doesn’t trade grand, going static is a colossal thought. Or, whenever you might perhaps perhaps perhaps additionally like a weblog that you just update a pair of times per week, static might perhaps perhaps additionally create sense for you, too.

However, whenever you attain depend upon dynamic allege, static net hosting is neatly no longer for you.

Three Dedicated Static wordpress Hosts to Rep You Started

Basically the most engrossing components to race static is with a faithful static wordpress host. These hosts will tackle each and every making your net net site static and net hosting these static files for company.

Assuredly, they’ll place your wordpress dashboard in its like separate container that you just might perhaps perhaps perhaps be additionally switch on/off as wished. Then, whenever you happen to ought to deploy, you might perhaps perhaps perhaps additionally compatible click on a button to just like the host impression your static net net site.

1. Shifter

Shifter static WordPress hosting

Shifter is doubtlessly basically the most notorious static wordpress host, and it also has an enticing twist in that it offers a dinky free knowing (though you might perhaps perhaps perhaps additionally’t exercise a custom domain). The frosty roar, though, is that this skill that you just can survey whether or no longer you want static wordpress net hosting sooner than you create the soar.

Shifter interface

Shifter contains an integrated CDN (Amazon CloudFront) and an SSL certificates with all plans.

Crawl to Shifter

2. HardyPress


HardyPress is one more standard wordpress static net hosting possibility that begins at compatible ~€4/month.

One frosty roar about HardyPress is that it contains Contact Model 7 pork up, which way that you just might perhaps perhaps perhaps be additionally silent procure forms with Contact Model 7. It’s no longer precisely the identical as a dynamic wordpress net net site, because HardyPress is fully making some tweaks and likewise you might perhaps perhaps perhaps additionally want to configure Contact Model 7 in a particular approach. However that’s silent beautiful frosty!

Past that, HardyPress also provides its like net net site search characteristic in mutter that you just might perhaps perhaps perhaps be additionally silent let company search your net net site.

It is doubtless you’ll perhaps well survey an exAMPle below:

hardypress search

Crawl to HardyPress

3. Strattic


Strattic is a more fresh static wordpress net hosting possibility that’s silent in beta for the time being. I’m no longer certain relating to the last aspects/pricing, but it certainly’s one more factual components to prefer your request on.

Crawl to Strattic

Suggestions to Scheme Your Enjoy Static wordpress Instruct With WP2Static

As I talked about above, all these static wordpress hosts are most steadily a combination of two things:

  • A static net net site generator to turn wordpress into static HTML files
  • A bunch to aid these static files

As a replacement, you might perhaps perhaps perhaps additionally generate a static net net site your self after which host these files wherever you must.

That’s what the WP2Static plugin from Leon Stafford does.

Out of your wordpress dashboard, it skill that you just can generate a static version of your net net site and deploy it by means of a range of methods at the side of:

  • FTP
  • ZIP
  • Amazon S3
  • Bitbucket
  • BunnyCDN
  • Github

The free version skill that you just can deploy your total net net site, after which there are premium add-ons that enable you handiest send files which had been changed, that will additionally be grand extra efficient for a giant net net site.

The core free version is readily available at wordpress.org, and the premium add-ons value $50 every.

One more factual possibility is the Merely Static plugin, which also can be readily available gratis at wordpress.org.

Final Thoughts on Static wordpress Hosting

Static wordpress net hosting is neatly no longer the answer for all sites, but it certainly is a viable possibility for barely a few non-dynamic sites and might perhaps perhaps create your wordpress net net site faster and additional exact.

Basically the most engrossing components to receive started is with a static wordpress host like Shifter, HardyPress, or Strattic. Or, whenever you’re extra of the DIY kind, you might perhaps perhaps perhaps additionally also exercise a plugin like WP2Static or Merely Static to convert your net net site to HTML and host it wherever you must.

Any questions? Ask away within the feedback!