Setka Editor: A Visual Content Editor For Your Blog Posts

By methodology of making voice for your blog, it’s not enough for your posts to give a various level of view. They also must face out from posts made by hundreds of various bloggers.

With out a doubt one of many most efficient techniques to develop your posts more taking part is to develop them visually more attention-grabbing. Fortuitously, wordpress doesn’t lack within the page builder plugins division. On the opposite hand, it’s crucial to show veil that every regarded as one of these tools were designed with creating visually appealing layouts for pages. Till now.

Enter Setka Editor. Setka Editor is a newcomer onto the page constructing scene with a various methodology: it turns your wordpress editor into your private playground that lets you fabricate stunning posts and unusual layouts for your voice. In this review, we’ll bewitch a gape at how the plugin works, its pros and cons, and who can succor the most from the utilization of it.

What Is Setka Editor?

Setka Editor is a page constructing plugin designed namely to work with posts. The key purpose of the plugin is to allow bloggers and voice entrepreneurs to manufacture visually taking part posts that will will let you convert guests into traders and subscribers.

Setka Editor: A Visual Content Editor For Your Blog Posts 1

Whenever you set up the plugin, it takes over your wordpress editor and lets you account for a grid machine for your submit apart from to styles that dictate the appears to be like of your paragraphs, headings, quotes, and more. That it’s doubtless you’ll additionally add photos and interactive parts to your posts which embrace animations, anchors, and much more. Let’s bewitch a gape at how the plugin works.

How It Works

After you set up and activate the plugin, you’re going to be prompted to register for a free story or enter your license key within the event you’re going to have it. Whenever you’ve performed that, you’ll see a fresh tab to your submit editor.

Clicking on the Setka tab, you’ll commence off with a Current Setka Editor Model that has a predefined sequence of columns and styles for the voice of your submit. In case you click on on the Model drop-down menu, you’re going to be in a position to select out a decided style or account for your beget.

Equally, clicking on the Grid System drop-down menu lets you deal with end a decided grid layout or fabricate a fresh one.

Setka Editor: A Visual Content Editor For Your Blog Posts 2

Organising the grid machine

The grid techniques and the styles are the core of Setka Editor plugin and each will also be modified within the cloud interface of the plugin. Let’s bewitch a nearer gape at every.

Grid Programs

Setka Editor comes with four pre-made grid techniques. You might perchance well maybe develop a different from 4, 6, 8, and 12 columns which make it more uncomplicated to vivid-tune the layout of your submit.

That it’s doubtless you’ll additionally fabricate your beget layout with a decided sequence of columns and alter the spacing between every column.

Whenever you’re going to have a grid machine defined, you’re going to be in a position to spend it to your entire posts. On the opposite hand, that just isn’t the absolute best ingredient grid techniques make it more uncomplicated to discontinue. Using the grid button on the absolute best hand facet, you’re going to be in a position to alter the width of every column and alternate the layout on the fly.

As you’re going to be in a position to see from the screenshot beneath, it’s easy to alternate the sequence of columns and race from exhibiting the image across your entire width of the submit to having it earn ⅔ of the submit width.

Setka Editor: A Visual Content Editor For Your Blog Posts 3

Elephantine-width image


Other than defining your beget grid machine, you’re going to be in a position to also fabricate custom styles for your text. Setka Editor comes with several predefined styles which you’re going to be in a position to repeat, edit or delete.

Setka Editor: A Visual Content Editor For Your Blog Posts 4

Predefined submit styles

Organising your beget style lets you account for fonts for your paragraphs, headings, links, quotes, lists, and more. That it’s doubtless you’ll additionally style a divider, add custom icons, and input hex codes of your tag colors so every submit is infused along with your tag.

Setka Editor: A Visual Content Editor For Your Blog Posts 5

Organising custom styles

That it’s doubtless you’ll additionally fabricate style snippets which make it more uncomplicated to observe a definite style with about a keyboard shortcuts. On the opposite hand, the downside of making custom snippets is that they discontinue require some HTML and CSS files.

Setka Editor: A Visual Content Editor For Your Blog Posts 6

Using snippets

Completely different Aspects

Other than grids and styles, Setka Editor comes with about a various tools that will let you add flair to your posts.

You add animations to each text and photos or any various voice you add the utilization of the animations button.

On the backside of the editor, you’re going to be in a position to scrutinize your voice at various viewport widths and add your beget width which is priceless for checking out the responsiveness of your submit layout.

Sooner or later, you’re going to be in a position to with out problems preview your submit at any given time, the utilization of the preview button on the terminate of the page and imprint how your submit will seem on desktop and mobile gadgets.

Ease of Employ

By methodology of ease of spend, Setka Editor does require a microscopic little bit of getting broken-all the formulation down to within the event you’ve never broken-down a an identical plugin before. Working out techniques so that you might add a custom style in all fairness easy but in phrases of making a custom grid, it’s a long way a must to be definite you’re on the Grid System drop-down menu rather then clicking on the absolute best-hand facet column.

Other than a miniature discovering out curve, the plugin is simpler to make spend of than most page builder plugins and it’s also grand faster.


Setka Editor is obtainable in free and paid version. The free version of the plugin is on hand on the wordpress plugin repository, on the different hand, it’s moderately restricted in functions. It’s a good methodology to envision the plugin and imprint what it has to give before you be half of the paid version.

The paid version comes with the ability so that you might add inline icons, more pre-made styles, custom styles and fonts, and access to top class beef up. Paid plans commence at $8.25/month and comes with a 14-day free trial.

Toughen and Tutorials

The final ingredient to mention is the beef up and support share of the plugin. Top rate beef up is on hand genuine for paid users whereas users who opted for a free version of the plugin can originate a fresh beef up thread on the suited boards.

By methodology of tutorials and support share, the plugin solutions a short video walkthrough and a short tour of the interface. That it’s doubtless you’ll additionally receive more detailed walkthroughs on the Aid share of the plugin’s suited web build.

Setka Editor: A Visual Content Editor For Your Blog Posts 7

Interface Tour

Setka Editor Experts

There are about a advantages to the utilization of the Setka Editor plugin.

  • Ease of spend – within the event you ever desired to save a decided layout for your blog submit with out having to switch your theme’s files, then Setka Editor might perchance additionally merely genuine be the plugin you’re looking to receive. It doesn’t require any coding files and after you spend an hour getting familiar with the plugin, you wish to haven’t any problems creating unusual layouts for any of your posts.
  • Customized styles – as a result of ability to manufacture custom styles, you’re going to be in a position to with out problems incorporate your branding parts into every submit you fabricate, going beyond genuine the utilization of your tag’s fonts.
  • Works with any theme – Setka Editor works seamlessly with any theme and what’s even better it doesn’t fracture any code or locks you in by leaving a big quantity of shortcodes within the event you deactivate or uninstall it down the line

Setka Editor Cons

As horny because the plugin is, there are also about a cons you need to shield up in thoughts.

  • Annual pricing model (billed yearly) – unlike most page builder plugins that are a one-off deal with end, Setka Editor comes with an annual subscription tag that supplies you rotund access to the plugin’s functions.
  • Posts handiest – relief in thoughts that Setka Editor used to be designed to work with posts handiest meaning you’re going to be in a position to’t spend it to manufacture landing or gross sales pages. You’ll need a separate plugin for these which does add additional costs

Is Setka Editor The Appropriate Plugin For You?

Setka Editor is a good different for voice entrepreneurs who desire their blog posts to face out from the competitors but who aren’t ready or don’t desire to invest in a dilapidated page builder plugin.

Get Setka Editor Plugin

On the opposite hand, within the event you wish the ability to manipulate the layout of your pages apart from to your posts, you wish to have in thoughts the utilization of Setka Editor along with a page builder plugin that supplies you the alternatives to customise page layouts.