Pipdig Under Investigation, Company is Refusing Customers’ Refund Requests

In the wake of closing week’s Pipdidg scandal, the wordpress blogger and developer communities own been working together to support the corporate’s customers get on original subject matters and verify that the protection of their net sites. Pipdig has been reported to varied UK and net authorities and is for the time being below investigation.

Pipdig’s net hosting provider has proactively disabled malicious code in definite recordsdata whereas the corporate conducts its own investigation.

Meanwhile, Pipdig has been denying customers’ refund requests, essentially based mostly mostly on its “no refund” protection. Potentialities own received responses from the corporate claiming that essentially the latest accusations were both “false, twisted, or sensationalized.”

Potentialities who own purchased Pipdig products contained within the closing 180 days would possibly presumably still be in a jam to get money abet through other channels. The Twitter thread below suggests lodging a price dispute with paypal or your financial institution or credit ranking card provider, by referencing client protection criminal guidelines and offering proof of Pipdig’s false and misleading behavior.

Merit for Affected Pipdig Potentialities Switching to Silent Themes

In the occasion you’re employed in wordpress day-after-day, you might perchance perchance presumably not sign how worthy of a topic it is for some users to change subject matters. wordpress developers and bloggers are stepping up to give sources to support these who are attempting to transition to a original theme.

“I realize that bloggers using Pipdig subject matters for wordpress would possibly are also trying to change away, however don’t own the time, money, or skills to form so honest away,” Ticket Jaquith talked about. “So right here’s P3 Neutraliser — a plugin that can prevent the P3 plugin from updating or ‘phoning dwelling.’” The plugin is readily accessible on GitHub with step-by-step instructions for downloading and placing in it. It is intended as a stopgap measure for users to set off whereas they are within the system of transitioning to a original theme.

Dilapidated Pipdig customers are struggling to rep original subject matters, as a though-provoking collection of them drop into the model blogger demographic. It is a gap with explicit necessities for invent and functionality. Many are also stressed referring to the findings within the reviews and don’t know the plan to act on this info.

Browsing wordpress.org for vogue-impressed subject matters doesn’t flip up many relevant results. Dilapidated Pipdig customers hunting for rate original subject matters will want a more curated list of suggestions. wordpress developer Tia Wood revealed a post with a checklist of both free and industrial different subject matters that shall be considerable to those still trying. Freelance vogue designer Rachel Sulek has a Twitter thread with alternatives that are a lot like Pipdig’s theme designs.