New Tools for Theme Developers: Theme Sniffer Plugin and Automated Accessibility Testing

wordpress contributor teams occupy shipped several unique instruments for theme developers previously couple weeks, which occupy the doubtless to grab the standard of unique themes coming into the ecosystem. The Theme Sniffer plugin is a brand unique effort from the Theme Evaluation crew that uses custom sniffs for PHP_CodeSniffer to take a look at a theme against wordpress coding requirements and take a look at for PHP version compatibility.

New Tools for Theme Developers: Theme Sniffer Plugin and Automated Accessibility Testing 1

The plugin is value it for both theme reviewers and developers who are attempting to web their themes authorized for the directory. It contains several no longer main requirements to take a look at against past the ruleset for theme evaluate necessities. Passing the Theme Sniffer checks is no longer required for themes getting into the directory but reviewers can use the plugin to velocity the route of up.

The Accessibility Crew also printed a brand unique instrument known as WP Theme Auditor that runs Axe checks against a theme for computerized accessibility solutions. Axe is an initiate source library and testing engine created by the accessibility experts at Deque. The WP Theme Auditor kit might perchance possibly well also simply even be installed into a theme’s root directory. Developers can then add take a look at circumstances. ExAMPles are on hand in the mission’s README file. The checks are speed against http://one.wordpress.take a look at by default but developers can specify a assorted take a look at atmosphere URL.

The Accessibility crew plans to abolish bigger the take a look at circumstances in the instrument to encompass the total vow material from potentially the most traditional Theme Unit Take a look at Data kit. In potentially the most up-to-date crew meeting, they made up our minds to recommend WP Theme Auditor as a wordpress testing instrument and understanding to submit extra crAMPed print about it on the weblog.