How to Make Sure Your Site Is Printer-Friendly and How to Enable It In WordPress

As a internet page owner, you’ve doubtlessly made sure to enact everything that you just would possibly maybe maybe additionally to present your readers and guests with the most tremendous particular person journey doable. However, possess you ever ever idea to be the likelihood that a pair of of your readers could ought to print out your article or a page on your internet page?

Making your websites printer-true could additionally simply no longer be at the pinnacle of your precedence checklist, however there are viable causes why it’s your resolution to rethink it. In this put up, we’ll point to why it’s an staunch suggestion to make sure your internet page is printer-true and show conceal you enable it in wordpress.

Why Your wordpress Web internet page Ought to unexcited Be Print-AMPle

An staunch majority of folks that enjoy notify online enact so the usage of their pc programs, laptops, pills, and phones. So, that you just would possibly maybe maybe additionally very correctly be questioning why whenever you bother guaranteeing your internet page is print-consuming.

Undoubtedly, you shouldn’t elevate that’s the most tremendous methodology folks learn your notify. Some folks could additionally simply ought to print your article and learn it later. Some could additionally simply ought to make suppose of it as a a part of their analysis. Even supposing they don’t straight print it out, they ought to unexcited suppose their browser’s characteristic to print your page or a put up to a PDF.

In case your internet page doesn’t possess print styles defined, then the printed model of your article will watch esteem a jumbled mess. Moreover, this would possibly maybe occasionally be cluttered with issues they don’t in fact need akin to your navigation bar, a strategy of widgets, portion icons, feedback, and more.

Ideally, your websites desires to be consuming for the relaxation your readers could additionally simply ought to enact, whether or no longer that’s sharing your notify, saving it as a PDF, or printing it out. Making your internet page printer-true is no longer all that point ingesting so it’s fee spending a short time doing so.

Including Print Kinds

As with the relaxation associated to wordpress, there are two programs to develop your internet page printer-true. The first one is the guide methodology which entails creating customized print styles. When you’re no longer panicked of getting your fingers dirty with the code, right here is an staunch region to begin as you don’t ought to add one more plugin to the positioning and you’ve got more management over how your internet page ought to show conceal when printed.

What you’ll ought to enact is suppose CSS to screen or show conceal a strategy of gains so there would possibly maybe be not the least bit times any litter on the paper. The most gain methodology to develop sure your internet page and theme is print consuming is to make a chunk of one theme, otherwise, your print styles will seemingly be overwritten the subsequent time your theme updates.

Whereas you’ve created the puny one theme, all or no longer it’s far a ought to to enact is add your print styles to the puny one theme’s stylesheet. To enact so, simply develop a declaration esteem this:

 @media print {    /* write your print styles right here */    }

The above code is a media question and tells the browser how your put up or a page ought to render when they are printed.

Alternatively, that you just would possibly maybe maybe additionally enter your styles in a separate stylesheet known as print.css after which enqueue it on your theme. Use the identical declaration as above after which write your styles.

To enqueue the file, add the next line of code to your puny one theme’s gains.php file:

The contents of your print stylesheet are entirely up to you but keep in mind you’ll want to include everything that should appear in the printed version of your site. Here are a few handy guidelines to point you in the right direction.

  • Sidebars tend to cause your posts and pages to span across more pages than needed. Consider removing them using display: none to hide them. You’ll also want to make sure that by doing so the rest of your content doesn’t jump out of place so you might need to reorganize the layout
  • When dealing with text, use points for text sizes since points were meant for print.
  • Consider removing comments since the readers will most likely want to print out the article itself, not pages and pages of reader’s discussion below
  • You should also remove your navigation menus and the footer contents by using display:none
  • Finally, set all interactive elements such as links, videos, images or audio posts to use display:none as they won’t make much sense on paper.

Making Your Site Printer-Friendly With Plugins

If you’re not code savvy, then you can turn to plugins to help you make your site print-ready. Luckily, there are a few plugins that will do the job. Some are free, some are paid, and some even include a little more functionality than making your site print-ready.

1. Print, PDF, Email by PrintFriendly

How to Make Sure Your Site Is Printer-Friendly and How to Enable It In WordPress 1

This plugin adds a print button to any page or post on your site. When the visitor clicks on the button, the option to print the content loads in a lightbox where they can customize the options and choose whether to print the page or save it as PDF. They can also remove text or images they don’t want to appear in the printed or saved version as well as change the size of text and images. If they choose to save it as a PDF, the generated file will retain clickable links. It works on both HTTP, HTTPS, and password-protected sites.


  • You can choose between several button styles
  • You can decide which features visitors have access to
  • You can also include a copyright notice on the printed or saved files


  • Free version is ad-supported

Price: The plugin is free although ad-supported. If you want an ad-free experience, you can purchase the Pro version for $4/month or $40/year.

2. Print Post and Page

How to Make Sure Your Site Is Printer-Friendly and How to Enable It In WordPress 2

Print Post and Page plugin is enabled to print posts by default. If you want to enable it on pages, you need to insert the shortcode into the desired page and specify the alignment of the button. Essentially, the plugin strips away all the styling so your visitors can print out a user-friendly version of your post. You can configure the color and size options to get the print icon and text looking as you want it to.

If you want to disable the button on certain posts and pages, all you need to do is edit the post. Simply find the desired post and click on the Edit button. You’ll see a new box at the bottom of the post editor screen where you can choose to disable the print icon. For pages, simply omit the shortcode.


  • Customizable
  • Easy to use


  • Even though the name says Print post and page, you need to use the shortcode to get the button to display on pages

Price: This plugin is completely free.

3. Print-O-Matic

How to Make Sure Your Site Is Printer-Friendly and How to Enable It In WordPress 3

Print-O-Matic adds the ability to print any post, page or page element through the use of a simple [print-me] shortcode. The official homepage of the plugin includes a list of all the possible shortcodes as well as tips on using your own styles to customize the print icon.

Additionally, you can even print out filled out form elements and it also allows you to choose an icon style and specify your own print styles.


  • Simple, no-frills solution
  • The ability to specify which part of the page you want to print


  • Requires a shortcode to be inserted which can be tedious

Price:  This plugin is free to use

4. PDF & Print by BestWebSoft

How to Make Sure Your Site Is Printer-Friendly and How to Enable It In WordPress 4

With the help of this plugin, you can quickly turn any post or page on your site into a PDF or print it for later. The plugin works with custom post types and can be used in sidebars, search results, and archives as well. Visitors can generate documents with custom styles and useful data for archiving, sharing, or saving.

In terms of customization, you can choose the location of the icon, select whether you want to display an image, text, or a combination of both, customize document styles, optionally set a title and header for the printed document, and more.


  • Feature-rich and plenty of options to control how printed content will look like.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used on custom post types as well as additional locations.


  • Some of the more advanced functionality is available in the pro version only (WooCommerce compatibility, adding watermarks, disabling plugin on certain posts and pages).

Price: The basic plugin is free, Pro version is available for $30.98/year or $309.80 for a lifetime license.

5. WP Print

How to Make Sure Your Site Is Printer-Friendly and How to Enable It In WordPress 5

The WP-Print plugin is another simple and lightweight plugin that will help you make your site print-friendly. After you install it, you’ll find the plugin under Settings > Print. You’ll ought to regenerate your permalinks for the plugin to work with none components.

The plugin entails settings to customize the print output akin to whether or no longer the links desires to obtain modified with the URL, disabling printing of feedback, and more. On the entrance-pause, the customers will watch a straightforward button that can enable them to print any put up or page they need.


  • Easy to make suppose of
  • It's good to maybe decide whether or no longer multimedia notify desires to be printed or no longer
  • It's good to maybe add a copyright stare


  • No longer quite as feature-rich as a pair of of the opposite plugins
  • Permalinks ought to be regenerated

Label: The plugin is free

6. Jetpack Sharing Module

How to Make Sure Your Site Is Printer-Friendly and How to Enable It In WordPress 6

It’s fee pointing out that whenever you already suppose Jetpack, then enabling the Sharing module enable your guests to print any put up on your page. Whereas it could maybe additionally simply no longer approach with all the bells and whistles because the plugins talked about above, it’s a first rate different whenever you don’t ought to set up one more plugin. For the reason that Print button is integrated with all the social sharing buttons, this makes it very straightforward to develop your internet page print-true.


  • Already integrated in Jetpack’s Sharing Module
  • No need for an extra plugin


  • No customization choices for print styles or the methodology the printed doc will appear

Label: Jetpack is freely on hand from the repository

Last Solutions

Making your websites print-true could additionally simply no longer even depraved your mind whenever you make your internet page, nonetheless, you will no longer guarantee that none of your guests will learn your notify solely online. Thankfully, it’s an straightforward fix even whenever you didn’t include print styles honest from the beginning.

When you would esteem a straightforward, no-frills resolution than plugins esteem WP-Print or Print-O-Matic are a enormous selection which capability that of they've straightforward settings. When you’re purchasing for the capability to disable the print characteristic on sure posts or pages, then retain in mind the usage of Print Put up and Web notify.

For these of you who need complete management over how your printed notify will watch, then PDF & Print by BestWebSoft is your scurry-to-plugin. Then again, whenever you would be pleased to present the management to your guests in advise that they'll take away gains they don’t need, then Print, PDF, Email by PrintFriendly is the honest selection for you.

Lastly, whenever you don’t need all the gains talked about above and wish a barebones resolution, retain in mind Jetpack’s sharing module, particularly whenever you’re already the usage of it on your internet page.

Interested by how straightforward it's to develop your websites printer-true, you've no excuse to reside away from it. With a chunk of reduction from the plugins talked about above, even complete beginners will even make plod the posts and pages on their internet page print with no want a watch messy.