How To Fix ‘Fatal Error Maximum Execution Time Exceeded’ WordPress Error

Beget you ever been getting an error in wordpress that says “Fatal Error Most Execution Time Exceeded” everytime you strive to place a job like updating a theme or a plugin in wordpress?

Disaster now not. You’re now not alone. Many wordpress customers absorb encountered this error while performing diversified tasks and updating wordpress or plugins.

It is a ways a overall error that will also be without say mounted. In this publish, we’ll inform you two straightforward suggestions for fixing it and e-book you thru the formulation with step-by-step directions.

First, let’s determine what’s causing this error within the important thing space.

What Is ‘Fatal Error Most Execution Time Exceeded’ Error?

Fatal Error Maximum Execution Time Exceeded error wordpress

In boom to achieve what this error is all about, it is considerable to achieve how wordpress works. As it is possible you’ll additionally objective know, wordpress is developed with PHP and wordpress uses sure PHP scripts to place explicit capabilities for the length of the system. As an illustration, when updating wordpress to a more contemporary version, it runs scripts to place capabilities like updating databases.

As soon as in some time, when wordpress is executing these scripts it can well well perhaps hang an unusually prolonged time. Luxuriate in while you strive to update wordpress accurate thru a high time when your website online is stuffed with website online website online visitors. This in most cases ends in elevated server resource usage.

So, to discontinuance web sites from abusing server sources, web web webhosting suppliers set a closing date to how prolonged a script is allowed to bound. When that closing date is exceeded accurate thru a script execution, you’ll receive the “Fatal Error Most Execution Time Exceeded” error.

How To Repair The Error

It is possible you’ll well well perhaps presumably repair the error in two straightforward suggestions. First entails utilizing a plugin and the diversified methodology entails bettering a core wordpress file within the server.

We recommend that you just consume the 2nd methodology. Largely because plugins aren’t the most legitimate probability since they in most cases bound into conflicts and considerations.

Nonetheless, ought to you’re a total newbie and never clear about bettering wordpress recordsdata, glide with the plugin probability.

Tell: Frequently endure in ideas to backup your website online sooner than making any adjustments to system recordsdata. Whilst you happen to don’t absorb absorb a backup system, consume our e-book to setup automatic backups for free.

Skill 1: Utilize The WP Most Execution Time Exceeded Plugin

Essentially the most attention-grabbing come to repair the realm is utilizing the WP Most Execution Time Exceeded free plugin. With this plugin, it is possible you’ll additionally straight away repair the error with only a couple of clicks with no need to manually edit any wordpress recordsdata.

Fatal Error Maximum Execution Time Exceeded-install-plugin-1

Login to your wordpress dashboard and glide to Plugins >> Add New

Look for the WP Most Execution Time Exceeded plugin and then click Set up.


If you Instructed the plugin, this would well well robotically lengthen your maximum execution time to five minutes, giving your website online masses of time to bound diversified forms of scripts.

Skill 2: Edit The .htaccess File

This methodology entails bettering the .htaccess file, which is located to your server.

It is possible you’ll well well perhaps presumably consume an FTP consumer app to salvage admission to your server. For the demonstrations, we’ll inform you straightforward straightforward suggestions to locate the .htaccess file utilizing the CPanel to place the formulation more straightforward for inexperienced persons.

Step 1: Login To CPanel

It is possible you’ll well well perhaps presumably salvage admission to CPanel thru your website online web webhosting narrative. Or, it is possible you’ll additionally without extend salvage admission to CPanel by typing it at the discontinuance of your enviornment name (eg:

Login to CPanel utilizing the username and password given to you by your web host. Check the welcome email despatched to you by the gain web webhosting provider to search out the login facts.

Step 2: Detect .htaccess File


If you’re within the CPanel, fetch the File Manager and then open the public.html folder to locate the entire recordsdata related to your website online.

Here you’ll fetch the .htaccess file.

Step 3: Edit .htaccess File

Fatal Error Maximum Execution Time Exceeded-edit-htaccess-file

First, place a backup reproduction of the .htaccess file, objective in case. Then objective-click on the .htaccess file and capture Edit.

As soon as the file is open, paste the next code at the bottom of the page.

php_value max_execution_time 300

Click on Build Adjustments.

Fatal Error Maximum Execution Time Exceeded-edit-htaccess-file-2

This could occasionally well well perhaps residing your server maximum execution time to five minutes.

Additional Steps: Disable Plugins & Themes

Whilst you happen to’re restful getting the error after following the earlier suggestions, then a mistaken plugin or a theme could well well perhaps be causing the error.

Login to your wordpress admin dashboard and disable all of your plugins. Then are attempting enabling the plugins one by one till it is possible you’ll additionally determine which plugin is causing the realm.

If that doesn’t work, are attempting switching your most as much as the moment theme to the default wordpress theme to peer if the error is precipitated by a plugin-theme battle.

Wrapping Up

In most cases, the important thing reason the “Fatal Error Most Execution Time Exceeded” error is your web host placing strict execution closing dates on your server. This is continuously overall on shared web webhosting plans, which could well well perhaps be hosted alongside thousands of diversified web sites on the a related server. Web hosts consume tricks like limiting execution times to cut server load.

This acquire of considerations could be much less overall when utilizing managed wordpress web webhosting or VPS web webhosting plans. If the error continues to persist, hang into consideration transferring your website online to a better web webhosting provider.