How to Find Broken Links in WordPress (5 Easy Methods)

On this submit, you’ll be taught to search out broken links in wordpress so as that you just may maybe possible fix ’em up and be scurry you’re not nerve-racking your company and losing treasured hyperlink fairness.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Sure – those are the tall downers of broken links. Your company will possible be pissed off on memoir of they expected to head to dispute they were drawn to, handiest to be met with a tall gruesome 404 web page. And you’ll be pissed off on memoir of you’re losing time and sources sending google to dispute that doesn’t exist. Neither of those things is appropriate to your plan.

To fix those complications, I’ll level to you five assorted methods that may maybe turn up wordpress broken links, including each a broken hyperlink checker plugin, as properly as some non-wordpress tools you may maybe possible utilize.

The supreme design to Gather Broken Links in wordpress: 5 Strategies

Right here are the five methods that I’ll duvet. You may maybe possible click to leap to a particular formulation:

  1. Broken hyperlink checker wordpress plugin
  2. Web-essentially based entirely tool
  3. Chrome extension
  4. web dispute online positioning tool (like Ahrefs)
  5. Desktop tool (Screaming Frog)

1. Utilize a wordpress Broken Hyperlink Checker Plugin

I’m placing this design first on memoir of a wordpress broken hyperlink checker plugin is going to be the supreme resolution for a total lot of oldsters. On the choice hand, there’s one tall caveat with this design:

Broken hyperlink checker plugins will possible be helpful resource hogs and place a diffusion of stress in your server (even whenever you’re not working them on the frontend). As an illustration, WP Engine bans the stylish Broken Hyperlink Checker that I’m going to recommend thanks to its efficiency hit.

So – in interpret for you to make utilize of a plugin, I attain not recommend leaving it filled with life. Put it to use (preferably at an off-high time) – then accumulate rid of it. Whenever you ought to test again within the long bustle, you may maybe possible set up it again.

Ok, let’s dig in…

To this point as plugins scAMPer, Broken Hyperlink Checker is principally the most well-most stylish choice by far. This plugin used to be previously up for adoption and without an owner, which left its future in doubt.

Nonetheless it’s since been taken over by ManageWP/GoDaddy, so you may maybe be scurry this one will continue to build up attention (and even perchance enhancements).

The Broken Hyperlink Checker plugin is tall easy to make utilize of. Whenever you set up and activate the plugin, scAMPer to Instruments → Broken Links to peek the total broken internal and exterior links in your plan.

You may maybe possible glance that the tool found a broken internal hyperlink on my plan:

Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin

Fixing a broken hyperlink is easy. Correct flit over the hyperlink and click on Edit URL. Then, you’ll be ready so as to add the loyal hyperlink without desiring to originate the actual submit editor:

Update link in the plugin

Whereas I recommend disabling the plugin while you’ve mounted the links, in interpret for you to head away it filled with life, you may maybe possible moreover scAMPer to Settings → Hyperlink Checker to configure how veritably it checks links and a few assorted settings.

2. Utilize a Web-Essentially essentially based Broken Hyperlink Checker Application

One other easy formulation to test for broken links in wordpress is with a web-essentially based entirely tool. These tools are veritably simply as easy to make utilize of and get the tall aid that they’re not placing any added stress in your server.

On the choice hand, the downside, as when put next with the plugin, is that you just’ll must manually originate the submit editor to repair any broken links that these tools catch.

To utilize this come, I love the free Online Broken Hyperlink Checker tool. This help you scan as much as three,000 pages at gratis, which ought to be heaps for a total lot of wordpress web sites.

All you attain is enter your plan’s URL. Then, you may maybe possible configure some further settings, like whether to level to each particular particular person web page that has a boring hyperlink, or simply the uninteresting boring links.

The feeble makes it more straightforward to search out the total pages that get that boring hyperlink, but will pick unprejudiced a puny longer:

How to find broken links in WordPress

Once it finishes, this may maybe come up with a checklist of the total broken links, as properly as the fetch page on which the broken hyperlink is situated (whenever you selected to document all occurrences):


One other solid choice I found with a fancier interface is Dr. Hyperlink Test. This one lets you test as much as 7,500 links per thirty days at gratis. After that, you’ll must pay. It will moreover come up with some assorted unprejudiced knowledge about your links, just like the proportion of dofollow and nofollow links:

Dr Link Check

3. Utilize the Test My Links Chrome Extension

Test My Links is a free Chrome Browser extension that checks whether the links on a web page work. It’s tall easy to make utilize of – you simply navigate to the fetch page that you just essentially must test and click on the extension icon:

Check My Links extension

On the choice hand, the downside is that it handiest works for the fetch page you’re – there’s no formulation to automatically scan your total plan.

Aloof, if that is all you’d like, this one will be appropriate for you.

4. Utilize an web dispute online positioning Application (like Ahrefs)

Whenever you’re already utilizing an web dispute online positioning tool – like Ahrefs – a diffusion of those tools moreover come up with some formulation to audit your plan for web dispute online positioning, which can turn up any broken links in your wordpress plan.

This can moreover scAMPer far beyond simply checking for broken links. As an illustration, I picked up the Serpstat Appsumo deal a whereas within the past, and it may maybe well perhaps moreover suppose me about:

  • Broken pictures
  • Links that redirect
  • Etc.


So whenever you get already got a diffusion of tools, save in mind making utilize of the distance audit characteristic on memoir of you’re potentially already paying for it!

5. Utilize the Screaming Frog Desktop Application

At closing, yet one more viable choice is to make utilize of the stylish Screaming Frog web dispute online positioning desktop tool, which is free.

Essentially, you’ll utilize the Response Codes surroundings to filter out 404 pages after which utilize the Inlinks characteristic to envision up on which pages hyperlink to the 404 pages.

Right here is the least newbie-loyal formulation, personally, so I’d recommend simply sticking with the fetch Broken Hyperlink Checker or Dr. Hyperlink Test tools except you’re already accustomed to Screaming Frog.

That’s The supreme design to Gather Broken Links in wordpress

And there you may maybe possible get it! 5 assorted methods for the model to search out broken links in wordpress and fix them for appropriate.

For the supreme alternate solutions, you may maybe possible utilize ManageWP’s Broken Hyperlink Checker plugin (I simply recommend disabling it in a while) or the fetch broken hyperlink checker tools.

And if those aren’t doing it for you, you may maybe possible utilize a web page positioning audit tool like Ahrefs, the Screaming Frog desktop tool, or the Test My Links Chrome extension whenever you simply must test a single web page.

Any questions about easy methods to search out broken links in wordpress? Query away and we’ll attain our most efficient to back!