FooGallery Review: A Flexible WordPress Gallery Plugin

Must you should need to make stunning galleries at your wordpress disclose, the native wordpress image gallery functionality factual ain’t gonna lower it.

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FooGallery is a freemium wordpress gallery plugin that provides you a lot more alternatives than wordpress’ built-in feature, at the side of heaps of vogue alternatives and templates, as well to heaps of varied invaluable aspects love built-in indolent loading, Ajax gallery filters, and more.

So need to it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance need to occupy a better approach to make image or video galleries at your wordpress disclose, give our FooGallery overview a read for a fingers-on occupy a look at every thing this wordpress gallery plugin has to offer.

FooGallery Overview: The Honest List

Earlier than I breeze fingers-on with FooGallery, let’s rapid trudge thru the feature checklist so that you’ve got got got a first rate advice of what it offers.

First off – FooGallery is accessible in both a free version at, as well to a top class version.

I’ll be specializing in the highest class version on this FooGallery overview, but the free version will most certainly be a monumental possibility that’s common and extremely-rated. Primarily primarily based on, it’s full of life on 100,000 sites with a 4.6-giant name score on over 320 reports.

Here’s what FooGallery offers:

  • A couple of gallery templates, at the side of grids, masonry, Polaroid, sliders, and more. Some templates require the paid version.
  • Indolent loading for better efficiency. Free.
  • Lightbox functionality, with the separate FooBox plugin. Free.
  • Album functionality. Free.
  • Budge-and-descend gallery ordering. Free.
  • Video gallery enhance. Paid.
  • Frontend Ajax filters to let guests filter gallery drawl. Paid.
  • Endless scroll. Paid
  • Hundreds loading and accelerate effects. Paid.
  • Media classes and tags for organization, as well to powering the aforementioned filters. Paid.

It’s also factual on the total obtained a terribly particular person-profitable interface that makes it easy to set aside every thing up, which I’ll display cloak you just precise now as we breeze fingers-on with FooGallery…

Hands-On With the FooGallery Plugin

To give you with an intensive occupy a look at how FooGallery works, I’ve obtained the top class version set aside in on my take a look at disclose. Let’s struggle thru setting up a gallery first, and then I’ll give you a occupy a look at the worldwide settings.

To acquire started, you head to FooGallery → Add Gallery and offers it a repute.

Uploading/Deciding on Photos

So that you would possibly maybe well add images to your gallery, FooGallery relies on the native wordpress Media Library, that approach you’ll be in a location to without direct decide existing images for your Media Library or add fresh ones.

Whenever you add some images, you are going to be in a location to utilize budge-and-descend to commerce their vow:

FooGallery review example

You would possibly presumably per chance additionally click to rapid start up the settings for alt text, captions, titles, etc. This factual opens the common Media Library interface for these settings.

Must you should need to preview how these images will look for your actual gallery, you are going to be in a location to toggle over to the Gallery Preview tab in space of the Put collectively Items tab. Here is de facto at hand as a outcome of it lets you undercover agent how things match collectively without having to start a fresh page:

FooGallery preview

Configuring Gallery Settings

To configure your gallery’s looks and functionality, you’ll utilize the Gallery Settings meta field additional down the page.

The first element that you’ll desire to enact is utilize the descend-precise down to utilize the elemental template to your gallery. As you cancel your exchange, the live preview will automatically update.

For instance, right here’s a straightforward masonry gallery:

Choose gallery style

And right here’s a Polaroid-vogue gallery:

FooGallery Polaroid example

In total, the Pro version offers you 9 assorted alternatives:

  1. Responsive image
  2. Image viewer
  3. Justified
  4. Masonry
  5. Straightforward portfolio
  6. Single thumbnail
  7. Polaroid PRO
  8. Grid PRO
  9. Slider PRO

Whenever you settle your gallery form, the meta field will update with the total settings for that gallery.

There, you acquire a first rate quantity of settings for the approach your gallery looks and functions.

Let’s trudge thru them, utilizing a masonry gallery because the instance…

In vogue

First, the In vogue tab lets you place basics love thumbnail width, columns, lightbox (you’ll need to put in the free partner FooBox plugin), and where the thumbnail need to nonetheless link:

General settings


The Look tab lets you to mediate assorted themes, as well to settings love:

  • Border
  • Rounded corners
  • Shadows
  • Loading icon
  • Loading attain

You would possibly presumably per chance even add a thumbnail filter (love Instagram):

FooGallery Review: A Flexible WordPress Gallery Plugin 1

Hover Results

The Hover Results tab lets you utilize watch over what occurs when a particular person hovers over a explicit image for your gallery. You would possibly presumably per chance:

  • Add a coloration attain, love making it greyscale
  • Add a scaling attain
  • Tag the caption
  • Demonstrate an icon

Or, you are going to be in a location to also utilize from preset vogue alternatives.

For instance, need to you settle the Layla preset…

Configure hover effect

…then you definately’d acquire an attain love this:

FooGallery hover effect


The Captions tab offers you more utilize watch over over captions, love where to pull them from and whether or not to set aside a max length:

FooGallery Review: A Flexible WordPress Gallery Plugin 2


Must you occupy got a stout gallery, the Paging tab lets you place pagination alternatives. You would possibly presumably per chance both skip pagination altogether, or add:

  • Dots
  • Pagination
  • Endless scroll
  • Load more

Must you opt to make utilize of pagination, you’ll be in a location to configure every form of settings for when to commence paging and how it would possibly maybe presumably per chance nonetheless look:


For instance, right here’s what the Ajax Load More attain looks love if I set aside the restrict at 4:

FooGallery Load More


The Filtering tab offers you acquire entry to to a terribly natty feature – live frontend Ajax filters. This makes a monumental possibility for a portfolio, or any assorted anguish where it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance need to occupy people so that you can filter out explicit gallery objects.

You would possibly presumably per chance utilize to filter images in accordance with Media Tags or Media Classes, both of which you are going to be in a location to set aside when bettering an image:

Add media tags in FooGallery

You would possibly presumably per chance additionally organize media tags and classes from their very have dedicated dashboard pages, worthy love common classes and tags.

For instance, need to you add Straightforward filtering in accordance with Media Tags love this…

FooGallery Review: A Flexible WordPress Gallery Plugin 3

…you’d acquire live filters for the total tags love this:

FooGallery filters

If a visitor clicks a filter, the gallery will most efficient display cloak images with that stAMP (no page reload required).

The Good filtering possibility will most certainly be fairly odd and lets guests utilize a lot of filters.


With the highest class version, you are going to be in a location to make video galleries, as well to image galleries. Must you’re at the side of any videos, the Video tab lets you configure the size, accelerate icon, and autoplay settings (the video most efficient autoplays when opened in a lightbox):


To boot to uploading your have videos, the video gallery functionality also lets you import videos from exterior sources – love YouTube.

Previous that, you are going to be in a location to unquestionably mix-and-match image and video drawl. So you would possibly make a gallery that entails both images and videos. Then, it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance even add frontend category filters to let your guests filter out videos and images.

Good and Other Alternate choices

Sooner or later, the Good tab lets you enable indolent loading and some assorted evolved settings.

Previous that, you also acquire about a settings in the sidebar/assorted areas that enable you to utilize watch over:

  • Retina enhance
  • Gallery sorting
  • Custom CSS

There’s also a Bulk Reproduction feature that enables you to copy the settings from a gallery to assorted galleries with factual about a clicks.

Embedding a Gallery

Whenever you’ve done surroundings up your gallery’s alternatives, it’s unquestionably easy to embed it.

First, need to you’re utilizing the fresh wordpress block editor, you are going to be in a location so that you can add the dedicated FooGallery block:

FooGallery block

Or, you are going to be in a location to also utilize shortcodes to embed your gallery in the Traditional editor, or anyplace else. And there’s also a dedicated FooGallery widget.

Increasing Albums

To boot to galleries, FooGallery also helps you make albums, which will most certainly be genuinely a sequence of varied galleries:

FooGallery Review: A Flexible WordPress Gallery Plugin 4

To boot to listing all of your galleries, the album also hyperlinks to permanent pages for every gallery.

By default, the URL structure for these permanent pages is /page-with-album/gallery/some-gallery.

FooGallery album functionality

Exploring the Other Settings

Sooner or later, you also acquire a dedicated settings space where you are going to be in a location to configure some global defaults and diverse settings, at the side of a Language tab that enables you to localize FooGallery:

FooGallery Review: A Flexible WordPress Gallery Plugin 5

FooGallery Pricing: Free and Premium

FooGallery has a most common free version at that helps you make some fairly monumental-having a look galleries in its have just precise.

Then, need to it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance need to occupy the highest class version that I reviewed, FooGallery offers three pudgy-featured plans (the finest distinction is the volume of web sites):

  • 1 disclose – $49.99 for twelve months of enhance/updates OR $149.99 for lifetime
  • 5 sites – $99.99 for twelve months of enhance/updates OR $299.99 for lifetime
  • 25 sites – $199.99 for twelve months of enhance/updates OR $599.99 for lifetime

Must you breeze to the considerable FooGallery page, it contains an intensive comparability of the aspects in the free vs Pro version (scroll down the page till you undercover agent it):

FooGallery pricing and features

Closing Thoughts on FooGallery

Must you factual desire to make some stunning galleries for your disclose and don’t need more heavy-accountability photographer-focused aspects love eCommerce sales or client proofing, FooGallery makes a monumental possibility.

In both the free and Pro variations, you acquire a diversity of templates and kinds to utilize watch over how your galleries look. Then, you also acquire heaps of aspects to enhance efficiency and usability love:

  • Straightforward and evolved filtering by procedure of media classes or tags
  • Pagination, Ajax load more, and endless scroll
  • Albums

Plus, you factual on the total acquire heaps of slight aspects to give you with detailed utilize watch over over how your galleries work.

Must you put in the free version from, you’ll acquire a 7-day free trial of the Pro version – no credit card required. So – give it a are attempting to undercover agent if it’s the qualified wordpress gallery plugin for you:

Obtain FooGallery