Many of us aloof mediate that the likelihood of making a net based region is the tip of their considerations. On the different hand, as any knowledgeable will suppose you, the accurate challenges initiating appropriate kind after this likelihood.

Simplest wordpress Theme Detector

  1. Scrutinize the CMS With CMS Detector
    5. Wappalyzer
  2. wordpress Theme Detectors
    1. WP Theme Detector
    2. Built With
    3. Scan WP
    4. What WP Theme Is That
    5. Web Tech Detector
  3. Chrome Extensions for Detecting wordpress Themes and Plugins
    1. Chrome Sniffer Plus
    2. Built With Technology Profiler
    3. WPSniffer – wordpress Theme Sniffer
  4. Catch the wordpress Theme Manually
    1. See at the Footer
    2. Scan the Web page Source

The significant and the ideal scenario is the collection of the suitable platform for the net region. Given the selection of lisp material administration systems available in the market, the selection of the platform is an significant likelihood.

The 2nd scenario is the collection of the theme that supplies the structure and the patron-targeted functions of the net region. The appropriate kind theme a great deal enhances the patron’s’ journey and is an significant aspect of the digital marketing procedure of the net region.

Within the waste, the third scenario is the selection of appropriate kind plugins/extension/parts for the net region. These are instrument addons that augment or extend the a broad selection of functionalities of the net region. Picking the suitable kind mix of these parts is an significant passable scenario thanks to the aptitude of  things going imperfect thanks to a single imperfect selection.

Experts counsel that essentially the most productive arrangement of confronting these three challenges is to respect one day of the actual niche. winning websites in any niche comprise learned the solutions to these three questions very successfully. So moderately than losing time and resources in discovering the suitable kind mix by trial-and-error, it’s possible you’ll well presumably simply assert a total lineup of on-line tools that support users seek what platform, theme and plugins a net based region is running.

Let’s launch with  the tools for discovering the CMS a net based region is in step with!

Scrutinize the CMS With CMS Detector

You invent no longer comprise to dig into the code of the net region to search out out the CMS of a net based region. There are plenty of tools that invent the job for you. Right here is a listing of essentially the most productive on-line CMS detector tools.

What CMS

WhatCMS is a revered on-line CMS detector that will well detect 142 a broad selection of CMS purposes and their products and providers. If there might be net region that slips thru their system, WhatCMS of us update their database suddenly!

Is It WordPress

This instrument works carefully with wordpress. The instrument supplies a broad selection of files about wordpress basically basically based websites including the theme, plugins, underlying net hosting, and a broad selection of files.


Allora is every other properly known instrument with a database of over 2200 CMS/frameworks. The instrument might well even provide suggestions and recommendations in step with neatly-liked themes and plugins. The listing is dynamically maintained, enabling you to envision out essentially the most up-to-date themes and plugins veteran to your chosen niche.


OnlineWebTool is a total region of tools for detecting themes and related files. The most productive component about this instrument is the flexibility to achieve comparisons with opponents’ websites.



While you happen to don’t would prefer to make assert of a net based basically basically based instrument, it’s possible you’ll well presumably Wappalyzer, an extraordinarily salubrious Chrome extension. factual consult with the net region you snatch to comprise to envision out and click on on the Wappalyzer button to envision the theme and related files.

So now that you know what CMS a net based region is the usage of, let’s dig honest a microscopic more to search out out about the themes and plugins.

wordpress Theme Detectors

Since wordpress is the dominant CMS for websites and net apps, there are a range of wordpress theme detector tools which will be developed especially for detecting files about wordpress basically basically based websites.  Right here is a short listing of the instrument wordpress targeted tools:

WP Theme Detector

WP Theme Detector

Honest appropriate paste the URL of the net region you savor in the WPThemeDetector and this might perchance present you total major sides about the wordpress theme and plugins installed on the net region. The wordpress theme detector instrument also supplies a listing of most productive themes and plugins along with the major sides of the developers.

Built With

Built With

Built With supplies technical files about a net based region including the general stack that powers the net region. The suggestions supplies is somewhat comprehensive and encompass net server major sides, SSL certificates, and net hosting supplier.

Scan WP

Scan WP

Scan WP gives in-depth files about your aim net region. The differ of files contains the general lineup of the plugins with the percentage of the websites running a explicit plugin. Scan WP goes an additional mile and shows key phrases and as a lot as date traffic results as properly.

What WP Theme Is That

What WP Theme Is That

This net region no longer simplest detects the wordpress theme nonetheless also any child themes, if recent. Moreover, you also get total files about the plugins installed on the net region.

Web Tech Detector

Web Tech Detector

This instrument supplies files about the installed wordpress model, themes and plugins. The instrument also supplies stats about the detected themes and plugins.

Whattheme claims to be essentially the most evolved wordpress theme detector instrument. It is miles now owned by CodeinWP, which is a huge wordpress resource net region.

  • This wordpress theme detector lets in you to know:
  • Theme URL
  • Creator of the theme
  • Creator URL
  • Version of the theme
  • License
  • License URL
  • Tags
  • Theme Description

It is miles typically savor minded with a broad selection of platforms savor wordpress, shopify, Drupal and more.

Themesinfo is in the muse a marketplace for wordpress themes. Its wordpress theme detector instrument can detect themes and plugins that a net region is the usage of.

Apart from that, this wordpress theme detector also unearths a net based region’s:

  • Alexa Inferior
  • Enviornment IP:
  • Hostname:
  • Nation

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Chrome Extensions for Detecting wordpress Themes and Plugins

Chrome supplies a range of extensions which will be designed to seek all about wordpress websites. Targeted toward developers and lay users alike, these extensions present a surprisingly detailed files about wordpress websites.

Chrome Sniffer Plus

Chrome Sniffer Plus

Chrome Sniffer Plus can sniff JavaScript, wordpress, Angular, phpBB, Drupal, Apache, NGINX and more. Right here’s a must-comprise Chrome extension for every and each net developer.

Built With Technology Profiler

Built With Technology Profiler

In a single click on, this extension supplies intensive files about the net region opened in the tab, including the CMS, servers, electronic mail products and providers and more.

WPSniffer – wordpress Theme Sniffer

WPSniffer WordPress Theme Sniffer

With WPSniffer, it’s possible you’ll well seek the engaging wordpress theme installed on a net based region. Right here’s a rather straightforward and helpful instrument for developers and designers that gradually work with wordpress.

Catch the wordpress Theme Manually

There are websites that defeat all makes an try at discovering the installed theme and plugins. In such conditions, it’s possible you’ll well presumably assert the following tricks to search out out the themes and plugins.

A decent selection of net developers invent no longer even bother to alternate the footer text and hyperlinks. Within the case of such an oversight, the theme’s title and the developer’s files is suitable kind there in the footer.


Scan the Web page Source

Honest appropriate click on on the net page and capture the Stare Web page Source likelihood. Alternatively,  press CTRL U to see the provision code of the net page.


The procure page containing the provision code most incessantly comprise hyperlinks to external and interior linked files and CSS.

source code

Yow will detect the theme’s title by browsing for the time length theme and the sub folder of the theme as confirmed in the screenshot below.


The 2nd likelihood is to search out the CSS linked to the net page. In nearly all wordpress websites, this file is known as model.css. This file is in overall located in the wp-lisp material/themes listing. Honest appropriate invent a short search with CTRL F for model.css.

search for style-css

As soon as you are contained in the model.css, it’s possible you’ll well with out problems seek the title of the theme.


Most incessantly, that it’s possible you’ll comprise to search honest a microscopic deeper in the file. on the opposite hand, once that it’s possible you’ll comprise the title of the theme, google for more files.


In repeat to set a broad selection of time and energy, I like to recommend you affect a listing of the websites of the opponents and then assert one or more of the above-mentioned tools to seek more about the CMS, themes and plugins.

If i comprise neglected your favourite tools or you face considerations in the usage of a explicit instrument, recede me a comment below.