Affiliate Coupons Review: Display Coupons With Click to Copy/Reveal

Whenever you demonstrate coupons from other stores on your wordpress region (or opinion to within the long gallop), you’ll desire to give our Affiliate Coupons review a read.

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Affiliate Coupons is a freemium wordpress coupon plugin that helps you demonstrate coupons from other stores and, as the title suggests, generate an affiliate commission from sending web lisp visitors to those stores.

It helps you implement wide-taking a behold coupon functionality impartial like wide coupon websites handle RetailMeNot, SlickDeals, Groupon, etc. That is, you’ll be succesful to provide click to reproduction/repeat functionality, provide coupon particulars/expirations, and heaps extra.

And my favourite share is that the designs behold wide right out of the sphere, so there’s no wish to fiddle with custom CSS factual to originate things behold appropriate.

Are searching to study extra? Receive studying our fleshy Affiliate Coupons review for a hands-on behold at how this plugin works.

Affiliate Coupons Review: The Characteristic Listing

Affiliate Coupons review example

Affiliate Coupons is accessible in every a puny free version at, as effectively as a premium version with extra functionality.

It helps you construct unlimited coupons and associate them with unlimited stores. To put collectively your coupons, that you just would be succesful to also use “forms” and “classes”.

And then to illustrate your coupons, you salvage a complete lot shortcodes that assist you demonstrate every:

  • Lists of coupons – both your complete coupons, or coupons from a particular store, form, or class
  • Individual coupons – this helps you construct indexable pages for a coupon, or encompass a coupon in a review of a product.

You salvage about a a host of templates for displaying coupons, as effectively, all of which behold somewhat wide. And you furthermore mght salvage dedicated widgets to illustrate coupons on your sidebars.

Plus, your coupons approach with well-known usability aspects – the identical form of aspects traditional by giant coupon sites handle RetailMeNot:

  • Click to reproduction – free – customers can click on the coupon code to routinely reproduction it to their clipboards.
  • Click to repeat – only in paid version – the coupon is hidden unless a user clicks. Then, they’re taken to the store (AKA you build the affiliate cookie) and a popup opens with the coupon code. This functionality is basically slick and feels handle it’s utilized factual as effectively as the giant sites.

Beyond that, the premium version also adds toughen for:

  • Explore, reproduction, and click statistics to behold which coupons are basically the most winning
  • Event Tracking integration for google Analytics or Matomo (previously Piwik)
  • Possibility to feature and highlight particular person coupons
  • A most unusual coupons widget

Fingers-On With Affiliate Coupons

Now that you just know the aspects, let’s proceed hands-on and I’ll point to you how all the pieces works.

For this review, I basically own the premium version installed on my take a look at region, but a complete lot of the aspects that you just’ll behold are calm on hand within the free version at, and I’ll raise out my good to point to which aspects are free and which require the paid version.

Growing a Seller

The principle thing you’ll desire to own out is construct a “Seller”, which is one other note for a store that you just basically wish to provide coupons for. Now not only does this enable you to put collectively coupons, but it also lets you enter basic info – handle a description to your store – that that you just would be succesful to also pre-have into coupons.

To construct a seller, you proceed to Affiliate Coupons → Vendors → Add New where that you just would be succesful to also enter the:

  • Title
  • Image
  • URL (your affiliate hyperlink)
  • Description

Add vendor

All over again, you’ll also be succesful to customize all of this info for particular person coupons.

Growing a Coupon

Next, you’ll desire to construct a person coupon and associate it with one of your distributors. Which you may possibly additionally raise out this by going to Affiliate Coupons → Add Coupon.

You’ll behold the frequent wordpress editor here, however the very most sensible basically well-known thing is the Coupon: Well-known parts meta field:

Add coupon

Which you may possibly additionally first own a seller, which is ready to routinely pre-have the:

  • Image
  • Title
  • URL
  • Description

Which you may possibly additionally also manually edit these fields for every particular person coupon, if desired.

Beyond that, you’ll also desire to have out the:

  • Low cost – what the deal is.
  • Low cost Code – the code folks ought to calm use.
  • Validity – originate and discontinue dates.

And that you just would be succesful to also use the Kinds and Courses taxonomies to put collectively your coupons.

Showing Your Coupons

To illustrate your coupons, you’ll mainly use the incorporated shortcodes:


As that you just would be succesful to also behold within the screenshot above, you salvage a complete lot choices to abet watch over:

  • Which coupons to encompass. Which you may possibly additionally both encompass all coupons, or only encompass particular coupons (by ID) or coupons from clear distributors, classes, or forms.
  • The sorting choices.
  • Which template to utilize. You salvage three a host of choices for Long-established, Grid, and Listing free of price, and the premium version adds a fourth Banner template. Which you may possibly additionally also capture how many columns to utilize.

As an instance, ought to you wished to construct a three column grid that lists your complete coupons, that you just would be succesful to also use the [affcoups grid="3"] shortcode to construct a behold handle this:

Affiliate Coupons review example

Or, presumably you wish to construct a dedicated “WPForms Coupon” page for web pages positioning applications. If so, that you just would be succesful to also make a choice to merely encompass coupons for WPForms in a list behold handle this [affcoups vendor="297" template="list"]:

Coupon list

Overall, the shortcodes provide you a spread of flexibility for including your coupons precisely where you desire them.

Moreover to the shortcodes, that you just would be succesful to also encompass coupons via widget.

Perusing the Settings

Affiliate Coupons also involves a settings dwelling where that you just would be succesful to also originate some well-known choices handle:

  • Default sorting, template, and elegance choices.
  • Colors
  • Button textual lisp material – e.g. that you just would be succesful to also replace the “Slide to the deal” textual lisp material.
  • Whether to point to coupon expiration dates and/or conceal expired coupons

Affiliate Coupons Review: Display Coupons With Click to Copy/Reveal 1

Enabling Click to Gift

In the exAMPles above, the coupon lists encompass click to reproduction functionality, however the true code is publicly viewable.

With the premium version, you salvage a brand unique atmosphere that lets you replace that by enabling click to repeat.

With this enabled, the true code will almost definitely be hidden with a intelligent Imprint Code blocker (that quite of slides support on fly to repeat share of the code):

Hidden code

If a customer clicks on Imprint Code, Affiliate Coupons will originate a brand unique popunder tab that takes them to the store (via your affiliate hyperlink), and this may possibly possibly also originate a popup within the energetic tab that reveals the code, alongside with that same click to reproduction functionality:

Click to reveal

All over again, here is how the giant coupon sites raise out it, and I mediate here is one of basically the most attention-grabbing aspects in Affiliate Coupons on legend of you factual can’t in discovering other wordpress plugins that raise out this effectively.

Checking Out the Various Top class Efficiency

Moreover to the Click to Gift functionality, the premium version also adds any other chocolates.

First, that you just would be succesful to also behold basic statistics for every coupon within the coupon list:


Which you may possibly additionally also disable this selection ought to you don’t desire the tracking info cluttering up your database.

You also salvage extra template and elegance choices. As an instance, that you just would be succesful to also allow a Darkish model handle below, and you furthermore mght salvage that unique Banner template I talked about:

Dark mode

In instruct for you, that you just would be succesful to also construct dedicated, web pages positioning-indexable pages for every coupon. All over again, here is something that you just would be succesful to also raise out already by factual increasing typical wordpress pages and including the coupon shortcode, but this premium feature saves you some time and energy:


And you furthermore mght salvage a dedicated Well-liked Coupons widget that that you just would be succesful to also use to illustrate your good deals, as effectively as choices to feature coupons (set them on the highest of the list) and highlight coupons (add a border to the coupon within the coupon list).

Affiliate Coupons Pricing: How Grand Does It Value?

Affiliate Coupons has a fairly beneficiant free version at that involves wide designs and basic click to reproduction functionality.

Nonetheless, ought to you wish the press to repeat functionality, alongside with the replace premium aspects, you’ll be taking a behold at:

  • 1 region – $39
  • 3 sites – $99
  • 10 sites – $199

That involves 300 and sixty five days of toughen and updates, and you’ll also salvage a 50% renewal good buy ought to you may possibly possibly abet your license energetic after that first year.

Affiliate Coupons also provides a 30-day money-support philosophize ought to you’re no longer pleased with anything else.

Ideal Tips on Affiliate Coupons

Overall, I’m a giant fan of Affiliate Coupons. Here’s somewhat powerful the true functionality that I needed to implement on my own region about graphic t-shirts, but I couldn’t in discovering a plugin to own out it when I regarded (that became as soon as three years ago, sooner than Affiliate Coupons launched).

There are about a causes I mediate Affiliate Coupons makes a vital option:

  • Your complete designs and UX looks to be like and works wide out of the sphere. There’s no wish to tinker with CSS or anything else – you’ll own a vital-taking a behold coupon piece from day one.
  • It provides that “click to reproduction” and “click to repeat” functionality that all the giant coupon sites use. The latter – “click to repeat” – helps make certain that that you just salvage to build your affiliate cookie for every customer.
  • You salvage multiple a host of methods to illustrate your coupon codes, including every lists and particular person coupons.

And overall, the total aspects labored precisely as you’d request in my testing.

So ought to you’re taking a behold for how to illustrate coupons from other stores and generate affiliate commissions, definitely give Affiliate Coupons a behold.

Gain Affiliate Coupons (and ought to you employ coupon code WPLIFTREVIEW you’ll salvage a 10% good buy!)