Earlier than we leap onto our 12 agreeable wordpress security plugins for 2019, let’s conclude some groundwork first!

Now wordpress is also the accurate CMS around, but it surely’s no longer ideal. A net situation on wordpress is surprisingly without considerations compromised, so whilst you’re using the CMS with a laid aid capacity in relation to security, it’s worship walking on thin ice.

There would possibly per chance be loopholes on your net situation that hackers are well conscious of and deem me, they conclude no longer extinguish a correct opportunity to sabotage a situation to its core.

WebARX 4.9 / 5 10000
MalCare 4.7 / 5 9,000
Wordfence Security 4.8 / 5 2 million
Sucuri Security 4.5 / 5 300,000
All In One WP Security & Firewall 4.8 / 5 600,000
BulletProof Security 4.6 / 5 90,000
iThemes Security 4.7 / 5 800,000
WP Antivirus Dwelling Protection 2.5 / 5 6000
google Authenticator – Two-Component Authentication 4.6 / 5 10,000
Vaultpress 4.4 / 5 90,000
Block Scandalous Queries 5 / 5 80,000
VIP Scanner N/A 600
WP fail2ban 4.9 30,000
SecuPress 4.2 20,000
Defender 4.9 10,000
Astra Web Security n/a n/a
Defend Security 4.9 80,000

Let me put some info ahead of you to present you a transparent idea of wordpress’s security and the arrangement in which it’s so without considerations compromised.

In early 2017, a trojan horse within the REST API endpoint used to be identified by Sucuri that allowed any hacker to alter a net based situation’s divulge material, it wasn’t eradicated till wordpress rolled out 4.7.2, and by then, higher than 67000 wordpress net sites had been compromised. Within 2 weeks.

Hackers comprise penetrated into wordpress net sites in fine unorthodox style as well. Not manner aid, a community of hackers launched a coordinated assault on wordpress admin panels through… wifi routers.

Originate Particular Other Security Measures Are In Blueprint

Then as soon as more, ahead of you even deem installing security plugins for your wordpress situation, construct fine that that you’ve taken the total measures to accurate your net situation. As an instance, you’ll want to a accurate net net hosting acknowledge to preserve a ways from any roughly vulnerability that contains net situation hosts. You would possibly per chance per chance per chance make a selection one among our steered net net hosting alternatives to preserve a ways from choosing the imperfect host for your wordpress situation.

Whilst you’ve made fine diverse safety features are in situation, you’re prepared for the subsequent significant step.

Let’s gain a watch at our high 11 agreeable wordpress security plugins within the market:

1. WebARX

WebARX is mainly identified for its improved Web Software Firewall that updates robotically to prevent plugin and theme vulnerabilities and can quiet even be installed in no longer up to a minute.

17 Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2019 1

With WebARX it is most likely you’ll per chance per chance also block malicious bots and hacking attempts, prevent malware infections, accurate your net situation from plugin vulnerabilities, and protect your net situation from brute-drive assaults.

Assorted monitoring alternatives within the plugin succor you conscious of what’s occurring alongside with your net situation so that it is most likely you’ll per chance per chance also succor the whole lot up so a ways and succor a ways from any invent of vulnerabilities.

On high of these huge sides, listed here are further passable sides to preserve your wordpress security on the tip of its sport:

  • Up-time and SSL Monitoring
  • PDF Security Experiences
  • Computerized Off-Dwelling Backups
  • wordpress Hardening
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • 2 Component Authentication
  • 2 Component Authentication
  • GDPR Cookie and Privacy Protection

WebARX is outmoded by higher than 3000 builders and digital companies worldwide and has a 95% 5-well-known person ranking on its Trustpilot page. While WebARX will be on hand for diverse CMSs worship Magento & Drupal, builders narrate that it works the accurate with wordpress, so that it is most likely you’ll per chance per chance also’t straggle imperfect with this security platform.

Gather WebARX

2. MalCare – A Full wordpress Security Resolution

MalCare used to be developed after analyzing over 240,000 wordpress net sites, so that they did their compare and realize deeply the roughly security a net based situation requires.

17 Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2019 2

What MalCare surely does is that it presents layered protection and finds hidden and intricate malware on the earliest so that it is most likely you’ll per chance per chance also orderly your situation ahead of it will get blacklisted by google.

Listed below are some notable MalCare sides:

  • Bulk Web situation Updates
  • Web situation Hardening
  • Login Protection
  • Generate Client stories
  • White trace MalCare
  • Team Collaboration

The pro model is extra efficient in cleansing and holding your situation, useless to claim. It lets you change plugins, themes, and wordpress core of several net sites from a single dashboard; hardens your situation to preserve unauthorized personnel from having entry to your situation; makes accurate-time phenomenal backups with up to 365 days of entry.

Other than all these safety features, MalCare also has white-labeling and client reporting alternatives whilst you put collectively net sites for diverse folks. No doubt, it’s one among the accurate wordpress security plugins within the market.

Gather MalCare

3. Wordfence – wordpress Security Plugin

Whilst you happen to’ve been through diverse lists of agreeable wordpress security plugins, I will guarantee that Wordfence potentially made an appearance on the tip of many such lists, and for suited reasons.


17 Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2019 3Wordfence is one among the most well-most well-liked (an argument will even be made for ‘the most well-most well-liked’) security plugins for wordpress. With over 2 million filled with life installs, this plugin continues to create the have faith of hundreds and hundreds of wordpress customers worldwide.

The plugin has a nifty stay traffic locate that enables you to ogle traffic updates in accurate-time and any hack attempts being made for your net situation. It comes with blocking off sides that block attackers in accurate-time and also blocks complete malicious networks that usually is a menace to your net situation, and as soon as of the the the reason why it is outmoded by government militaries worldwide.

Listed below are some diverse noteworthy Wordfence sides:

  • Leaked Password Protection
  • Evolved Manual Blocking off
  • Country Blocking off
  • Repair Files
  • Two-Component Authentication

Wordfence scans signatures of over 44000 identified malware variants and is filled with life on higher than 3 million wordpress net sites. Can you refute its popularity? Of direction, no longer.

So whilst you worship to comprise to up your security sport, Wordfence is the accurate security plugin for wordpress.

Gather Wordfence

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4. Sucuri Security

Sucuri, a globally known authority that specializes in net situation security, is agreeable identified for taking of any wordpress security considerations.

17 Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2019 4

Sucuri Security is a free security plugin for wordpress customers which it is most likely you’ll per chance per chance also use as a complement to your unique safety features. Then as soon as more, this does no longer mean that it’s no longer a sturdy security plugin because, surely, Sucuri has plenty of sides that overhaul your safety features worship:

  • Security Exercise Auditing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Some distance away Malware Scanning
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Efficient Security Hardening
  • Put up-Hack Security Actions
  • Security Notifications
  • Web situation Firewall (top fee)

Sucuri is one among the accurate free wordpress security plugins within the market with 500,000 activations. And although the numbers don’t match Wordfence’s number, it’s quiet regarded as one among the most very significant security plugins to comprise for your wordpress net situation.

Gather Sucuri Security

5. All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall is a complete, easy to utilize, accurate, and well-supported wordpress security plugin as stated on their wordpress description page, and I are inclined to agree.

All-In-One WP SecurityEssentially, All In One WP Security & Firewall is a 360-diploma security acknowledge for your net situation that can gain your wordpress security to an complete unique level. The plugin focuses intently on brute drive assaults and has a spread of diverse functionalities to succor you to fight off the most celebrated net situation assaults.

The plugin uses an unprecedented security level grading intention. It measures how well your net situation is accurate in step with the most modern security sides. The plugin effectively protects your net situation without slowing it down.

The firewall protection is classified into three stages: Extraordinary, Intermediate, and Come. This lets you watch firewall guidelines the manner you worship it.

The plugin provides firewall protection through the .htaccess file. The .htaccess file is processed by the procure situation ahead of any code. It also comes with a wp-config.php backup, anti-spam measures, and front-cease reproduction protection. It is a ways hands down, one among the agreeable security plugin for wordpress.

Gather All-In-One WP Security

6. BulletProof Security

Because the identify suggests, the plugin defends and protects your net situation worship a bulletproof jacket. Bulletproof security is a single-click acknowledge for all of your wordpress security wants. It protects your net situation in opposition to RFI, XSS, CRLF, SQL injection, and code injection hackings. It will be extremely easy to utilize and is right for beginner wordpress customers.BulletProof Security

The plugin provides a sturdy firewall to your net situation giving it protection in opposition to brute drive login assaults while backing up your recordsdata. BulletProof security comes with a ton of sides. Some of them are:

  • One-Click Setup Wizard
  • .htaccess Web situation Security Protection (Firewalls)
  • Hidden Plugin Folders|Files Cron (HPF)
  • Login Security & Monitoring
  • Slothful Session Logout (ISL)
  • Auth Cookie Expiration (ACE)

It also has a pro model with added sides as well. With the pro characteristic, it is most likely you’ll per chance per chance also accurate your ‘wp-admin’ folder and Root net situation folder with a single click. The pro model also lets the builders create a “503 under repairs” page while the procure situation is under improvement. The total fabulous sides Bulletproof Security arrangement that it goes in my list of agreeable free wordpress security plugins.

Gather BulletProof Security

7. iThemes Security

iThemes has been growing wordpress tools since 2008. Backupbuddy is a favored wordpress backup plugin by iThemes. So whilst you set up iThemes Security, you understand it is most likely you’ll per chance per chance even be in fine hands since the plugin is maintained and supported by iThemes itself.

iThemes Security

iThemes bans customers from having access to your net situation who comprise already attacked diverse net sites. This takes protection in opposition to brute drive assaults to the subsequent level. This would well robotically tale IP addresses of failed login attempts and blocks them so that your net situation is accurate. Some extra sides consist of:

  • Scans your situation and straight away stories the put the vulnerabilities exist and repair them in seconds
  • Bans noteworthy person brokers, bots and diverse hosts
  • Strengthens server security
  • Enforces strong passwords for all accounts of a configurable minimum position

The pro model presents an extra layer of protection to your wordpress net situation. The two-part authentication lets you generate a code through a cell app comparable to Authenticator. The code would possibly per chance be emailed to you upon technology. Some significant pro sides consist of:

  • Easy substitute on wordpress Salt and Keys
  • Scheduling of Malware scan
  • A dashboard widget to mean it is most likely you’ll per chance per chance also administer your wordpress security
  • Generate strong passwords suited out of your profile show camouflage camouflage.

With such avast array of sides, iThemes security is one among the agreeable security plugin for wordpress.

Gather iThemes Security

8. WP Antivirus Dwelling Protection

The plugin is identified for detecting and inserting off malicious viruses and suspicious codes. WP Antivirus Dwelling Protection has the capacity to detect backdoors, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, fraud tools, adware, adware, hidden hyperlinks, redirection and and so on.

WP Antivirus Site Protection

The plugin can detect no longer agreeable theme files but every file for your wordpress net situation. It crawls the procure situation intelligently to detect any loopholes that can lead to a malicious assault. The database is updated on a on a regular basis basis and unique logics and capabilities are added so that your net situation is fine from all form of assaults.

The scanner can detect a alternative of malware styles:

  •         MySQL and JavaScript injections
  •         Web situation Defacements
  •         Hidden iFrames
  •         PHP Mailers
  •         Social Engineering Attacks

Antivirus situation protection also presents you with indicators and notifications within the admin panel and by e mail. The characteristic list involves nearly the whole lot it is most likely you’ll well maybe prefer in one among the agreeable security plugin for wordpress.

  • Deep scan of every file for your net situation.
  • Day-to-day substitute of the virus database.
  • Heuristic Logic characteristic.
  • Quarantine & Malware removal characteristic
  • Indicators and Notifications within the admin self-discipline and by e mail.
  • Day-to-day cron characteristic.

Gather WP Antivirus Dwelling

9. google Authenticator – Two-Component Authentication

google Authenticator is specifically for you whilst you had been a Clef person. On the plugin page, it is most likely you’ll per chance per chance also ogle a book on how emigrate from Clef to google Authenticator. It claims to present a Clef-worship expertise and I wouldn’t doubt it since the plugin is rather decent.

Google Authenticator

The plugin is extremely secured and straight forward to utilize. Alongside with a sturdy password, the 2-part authentication provides a 2nd layer of protection to your wordpress net situation. Some notable sides are:

  • You would possibly per chance per chance per chance log in using username password two-part or username two-part.
  • Two-Component will even be enabled for position wise.
  • It is a ways going to even be deployed for your complete person execrable in minutes.
  • All forms of phones are supported: Trim Telephones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), Extraordinary Telephones, Landlines, and so on.
  • If your phone is misplaced or stolen or discharged, we provide alternate login solutions worship OTP Over Email and Security Questions (KBA).
  • If your phone is offline, it is most likely you’ll per chance per chance also use a one-time passcode generated by the app to log in.

The pro model lets you protect extra accounts and use endeavor sides. The pro sides consist of:

  • In-line registration for all customers,
  • person management dashboard entry
  • put collectively tool profiles
  • customize alternatives for e mail and SMS templates
  • custom redirect after login

Gather google Authenticator

10. Vaultpress

Vaultpress is a wordpress security plugin that affords accurate-time backup and security scanning provider. Designed by Automattic, the plugin is one among the accurate security plugin for wordpress suited now.


The plugin effectively backs up every post, comment, media file, revision and the total settings for your situation to their servers. Powered by Jetpack, Vaultpress ensures that your net situation is accurate in opposition to hackers, malware, damages, and outages.

The importance of backups is in overall underestimated. Your net situation can never be a 100% accurate it be no longer associated what plugin you set up. There’ll constantly be a vulnerability ready to be exposed. Backing up your recordsdata ensures that although your net situation is compromised, your recordsdata is accurate and retrievable.

Vaultpress is your one-conclude acknowledge if it be significant to backup your net situation. The plugin creates scheduled backups, that are stored on their servers. The backups are restored in a topic of seconds if there would possibly per chance be an assault.

Besides to to growing backups, the plugin scans your net situation for malware and viruses. These viruses and malware can then be eradicated with a click of a button.

Gather Vaultpress

11. Block Scandalous Queries (BBQ)

Block Scandalous Queries is a handy wordpress security plugin with a correct alternative of sides that can improve the protection of your wordpress net situation. The plugin is huge easy to utilize but very noteworthy and instant.

Block Bad Queries

It protects your net situation in opposition to malicious URL requests. BBQ monitors the traffic coming to your net situation and blocks requests containing stuff worship eval(, execrable64_, and excessively prolonged demand-strings.

For net sites that are unable to utilize .htaccess firewall, this plugin is the agreeable acknowledge to their net situation security wants. The plugin comes with a load of passable sides. Listed below are some:

  • 100% Journey-n-play functionality
  • No configuration required (it dazzling works)
  • Born of tempo and ease, no-frills
  • 100% centered on security and performance
  • Blocks a huge alternative of malicious requests
  • In keeping with the 5G/6G Firewall

BBQ is agreeable for cover in opposition to injection-associated assaults on wordpress net sites. The plugin is slowly gaining popularity after being praised by the wordpress community.

Gather Block Scandalous Queries

12. VIP Scanner

The plugin does precisely what the identify implies. It scans diverse files for your net situation, including themes and plugins. VIP Scanner lets you watch the total security loopholes on your wordpress net situation.VIP Scanner

The plugin is efficient and a toddle to utilize on the identical time. It presents a person-suited interface while allowing you to protect your net situation from malware and viruses.

VIP Scanner also lets you put tests on files for your net situation so that they’ll even be checked one by one. They will even be put collectively within the invent of complete security icons.

Gather VIP Scanner

13. WP fail2ban

17 Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2019 5

Fail2ban claims to be the most efficient wordpress security plugin that prevents brute drive assaults. The plugin comes with the following filters:


These filters allow for fast banning of IPs through laborious.conf and lenient banning through relaxed.conf. Extra.conf lets you customize your banning guidelines.

Gather WP fai2ban

14. SecuPress

17 Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2019 6

SecuPress prevents your wordpress net situation from malware, block bots, and suspicious IPs. You would possibly per chance per chance per chance either use the free plugin which it is most likely you’ll per chance per chance also download from the wordpress repo or it is most likely you’ll per chance per chance also download the pro model.

The pro model activates weekly scans robotically and stories aid any suspicious activities for your net situation. Listed below are just a few of its phenomenal sides:

Protection of Security Keys
Block visits from Scandalous Bots
Vulnerable Plugins & Themes detection (1)
Security Experiences in PDF structure (1)

Gather SecuPress

15. Defender

17 Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2019 7

Defender is one among the most well-most well-liked Security plugins from WPMU DEV. The plugin begins with one click net situation hardening methodology. It straight away provides layers to your wordpress net situation to protect it in opposition to security threats.

This wordpress security plugin comes with these fabulous sides:

  • Free scans for your wordpress net situation to hunt suspicious codes
  • google 2 step verification
  • Blacklist suspicious IPs from having access to your net situation
  • Login protection from brute drive
  • Login show camouflage camouflage covering to pass your login page to a custom URL

Gather Defender

16. Astra Web Security

17 Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2019 8

GetAstra is a top fee wordpress security plugin. The plugin robotically generates a tale on how many assaults it executed without for your net situation and what used to be the persona of these assaults.

A standout characteristic of this plugin is the one click malware removal. No comprise to aid for hours while your situation is getting cleaned up. Just click the “Trim Malware” button and your situation is Malware free!

Listed below are just a few of its fabulous sides:

  • Intuitive dashboard presents your net situation a bird’s ogle locate
  • Block worldwide locations that are identified for hackers
  • Scanning uploads to prevent malicious files from coming into your net situation

Gather Astra Web Security 

17. Defend Security

17 Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2019 9

Defend Security is the accurate wordpress security plugin with a 5/5 ranking on the repository. The plugin claims to construct your net situation security easy and efficient. For starters, it is very easy to setup. Just set up the plugin and advised it.

The plugin is neat in a capacity that it is a ways conscious of when to narrate you and what considerations also can quiet it bring to your consideration. That is in distinction to diverse plugins that bombards your wordpress admin panel with a form of ineffective notifications. You would possibly per chance per chance per chance use this plugin to:

  • Limit login attempts
  • Block brute drive assaults

Salvage Defend Security 

Salvage Protection!

Conserving your wordpress net situation also can quiet be your first precedence and without security plugins, it’ll tag to be a accurate pronounce. Having a lenient capacity in direction of net situation security is nothing looking out foolishness. The divulge material for your net situation is a results of your laborious work and the folks working with you. It’s obviously unhappy to ogle it straggle down the drain in a topic of minutes.

A proactive capacity on this subject is the wiser option and the principle step is to set up a wordpress security plugin. The plugins mentioned on this text are guaranteed to protect your net situation in opposition to all forms of malware and assaults.